3 reasons you should add AI to your knowledge management program

Last Updated: May 22, 2022

A knowledge management system is a non-negotiable requirement for any organization or company. It helps streamline issue resolution, lets employees be in the know-how, helps onboard new hires, and saves the support team time and effort that is better spent on important tasks instead of answering repetitive queries. 

It is a one-stop portal where you can capture, store, discover, and maintain knowledge about your business and its processes, improving your productivity and giving you a competitive advantage. However, creating and maintaining a knowledge base is no easy task. But adding an element of AI to it can help you ease management and maintenance. Tools like Assist AI, which works within the Slack and Microsoft Teams environments, help you integrate knowledge and collaboration features, becoming a sure shot driver for self-served content adoption. 

Why adding AI to your knowledge management system is a good idea

With AI, you can expand, use, and create knowledge much more efficiently than ever before. It can help in parsing and classification of content, process human input, and handwriting, and make handling big datasets easier while providing a degree of security using rising methods like blockchain data storage. Below are a few reasons why you should strongly consider integrating your KB with AI tools. 

1. Eliminate chaotic knowledge discovery

Very often, knowledge bases have dated search functionality that discourages its use amongst the intended users even if the answer is present somewhere in it. While you can lay down guidelines for knowledge creation and storage and categorize them, it is not the perfect solution. With access to AI-driven tools like semantic search, NLP (Natural Language Processing), and ML (Machine Learning), we can improve the search functionality, prompting more people to utilize the KB in their natural language. Solutions like Assist AI even let you do this without leaving the comfort of the communication app you’re most used to — Slack or Microsoft Teams. ML also ensures that your content is continuously improving and getting better at predicting questions. 

2. Use AI to keep your KB content up-to-date

Your company has multiple departments and employees ask questions pertaining to each of them and hope to find answers on one consolidated platform. But internal support seldom works that way. With AI, you can combine knowledge from different departments and sources and make it accessible on a single portal. Assist AI lets you connect your knowledge base from HappyFox, Zendesk, and other common sources and fetches content from them. 

Another pronounced issue is outdated information. You don’t want your employees to search for mask mandates on your KB portal and be met with regulations set in early 2020. This can lead to a loss of trust and eventually lead employees to just individually ask your IT or HR team members these questions, repeatedly. The AI setup in Assist AI asks for feedback for every question it is asked. If the answer is marked as not helpful, a ticket is added to the connected help desk and is routed to the relevant department, which can then make necessary updates to the KB.

3. Leverage AI-led reporting and analytics

Data is key for any business or process to function smoothly. The same goes for knowledge management systems. AI allows you to track incoming questions, satisfaction levels, popular questions, and so much more. This access to datasets helps you gauge how well the solution is working for you and gives you areas you can improve on with actionable insight. It also helps you personalize content so that only relevant content is surfaced for your different customer segments, creating a unique and customized experience for everyone. 

AI algorithms can also aggregate data from sources like Google Analytics, article likes, and readability scores to gathering further insight on how you can enhance your knowledge. This not only gives you a competitive advantage but also helps you improve productivity and lower operational costs by avoiding an increase in the support team size. 

AI can be a gamechanger for knowledge management

As in many other areas of business, AI is becoming increasingly dispensable in internal issue resolution and support. It has a role to play right from knowledge creation and storing to maintenance and has an impact on your costs, team effort, and time spent. HappyFox’s Assist AI gives you a conversational ticketing experience that hinges on AI-driven knowledge management. We offer free plans and also premium plans for enterprise customers. To learn more about how you can leverage technologies like AI, ML, and NLP in your internal support efforts with Assist AI, schedule a one-on-one call with our product specialists.