Welcome to the New Era of IT Operations Management 

Hundreds of tickets are sent to IT support every day, and without a single point of contact to manage them, IT issues can easily slip through the cracks. Also, many teams have become accustomed to doing their important business activities and communications using platforms like Slack or Microsoft Teams, especially post-pandemic.

With the proliferation of collaboration tools, a conversational ticketing tool for your support team can just be the answer to producing transparent, collaborative, and timely ticket resolution for your IT Teams. 

Read on to find out how HappyFox Assist AI can help you streamline your IT operations. 

Did you know this?

“Assist AI brings the power of AI and Conversational Ticketing to your IT Support, HR, and Ops channels on Slack and Microsoft Teams. Empower your employees with self-service, reduce ticket volume, and increase agent productivity and employee engagement.”

Accelerate Support for your teams using HappyFox Assist AI

  1. Align your IT Team with all other departments
  • Facilitate collaboration and communication between your IT team and various other departments using Assist AI without ever leaving your communication tool.
  • Leveraging the Assist AI as a request management tool, you can streamline your business processes – onboarding, IT Asset Management, etc right inside of Slack or Teams.

2. Promote Self Service among your employees

  • Create a self-service portal inside Slack or Teams with a knowledge base and FAQ repository to help employees with repetitive and elemental questions.
  • The knowledge base is a central repository of information where your employees can search for internal documents easily without needing any human intervention.
  • With a well-maintained KB repository inside Assist AI (Okta, Zendesk, etc), you can exponentially decrease employees hopping on multiple platforms to find resources.

3. Escalation has never been easier

  • While Assist AI can deflect the majority of the tickets, employees can sometimes still need human intervention.
  • Assist AI makes it easy to reach out. With every question answered, it gives employees to submit a ticket with one click. 
  • Submitting a ticket creates a ticket in the HappyFox Help desk without ever leaving Slack/Teams.

To sum it up

With a highly customizable ticketing solution that resides inside your collaboration tool, leverage Artificial intelligence to drive employee engagement and satisfaction. Make it easier for your employees to find support and for IT agents to provide support. 

Learn more about exponentially improving your IT Support operations with Assist AI, talk to our product specialists now! Click here to book a demo.