4 reasons you need an AI-led conversational ticketing system

Last Updated: May 22, 2022

In any workplace where employees work with technology, there is almost nothing as vital as having a well-functioning IT support system. But the regular solutions like a knowledge base or Google Drive don’t work — nobody wants to go to these self-service portals to get a quick question answered. That’s why, today, one of the most popular forms of support is conversational ticketing over communication apps like Slack or Microsoft Teams. They help you reach out to the correct people without moving out of an app that they are familiar with. 

What is a conversational ticketing system?

Essentially, ticketing systems are used to help triage and resolve requests and queries that arise as tickets internally within a company or externally for customers. What makes conversational ticketing systems different is their reliance on dialogue. It is more personalized, streamlined, and if aided by AI, also faster and available round the clock. It avoids delayed and disjointed communication and makes ticketing a more streamlined process that is easy to get through. 

HappyFox’s conversational ticketing tool for modern IT teams — Assist AI does just that. It reduces internal ticket volume, optimizes agent productivity, saves time and effort, and takes internal issue resolution onto platforms that employees are comfortable using. In addition to instantaneous 24×7 problem solving, it aids in ticket creation when AI cannot solve the problem. 

Why you need an AI conversational IT ticketing system

Automate your day with powerful workflows

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to automatically answer queries in real-time, taking self-service to a whole new level. You can also use automation features to turn messages into tickets. For example, if Assist AI cannot answer a query, then it is automatically turned into a ticket through the addition of the ticket emoji 🎫 and routed to appropriate agents. 

Improve response times and employee satisfaction

Take support to where your employees are — Slack and Microsoft Teams. Reduce instances of context switching and focus on solving issues faster and better without increasing the size of your support team by using AI-driven conversational solutions like Assist AI. Getting questions answered or tickets made directly on these platforms helps resolve questions about password resets, wifi passwords, software keys, and other repetitive questions. 

Empower any team to manage their own requests

Very often, the queries asked to IT support teams can be easily solved with well-structured self-service portals. However, employees do not want to search through an entire knowledge base to find an answer and end up asking their IT questions to the support team via Slack, Teams, or email. Using Assist AI lets your support team focus on important tasks instead of IT management FAQs through AI-led ticket deflection. 

Improve team productivity

Many conversational ticketing systems offer reporting and analytics features that will help you monitor and optimize the performance of your IT support team by tracking KPIs like FCR% (First Call resolution), Average Time to Closure, and Average Response Time. This provides you with an avenue to make data-driven support decisions. With information at hand, the IT support team can focus on finding gaps in their service and create better resolution workflows and knowledge base articles. 

Ease IT ticket management and boost internal productivity

AI-driven conversational ticketing can help you standardize IT processes, procedures, and issue resolution. It is not only a great tool to initiate smart ticket deflection for your IT support team, but also an encouraging push for your team to employ self-service, often within the apps they are comfortable on like Slack and Microsoft Teams using solutions like Assist AI. Explore the role of AI and communication apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams in internal query resolution in solutions like Assist AI by scheduling a one-on-one session with our product specialists. Assist AI offers free plans and also premium plans for enterprise customers.