5 Benefits of Visualizing Your Workflows

Last Updated: July 20, 2021

Streamlining business processes and managing tasks can be made easier with a powerful business process management system. But if you’re wondering whether eliminating chaos will require a solid coding background, you’re not alone. In the past, bringing structure to out-of-line processes required multiple teams such as process owners, system administrators, and IT developers to continuously go back and forth to even kickstart such a project. Not anymore!

With powerful business process automation tools available in the market today, such as HappyFox Workflows, collaborating over visual information can help businesses jump straight into proactive problem solving or planning. Visual workflow modeling or process modeling allows you to create vivid and easily comprehensible workflows in minutes on a drag and drop interface.  In this blog, we’ll discuss five compelling reasons why visualizing your workflows can benefit your business.

1. Reduce dependencies on Dev teams and promote self-reliance

Visual workflows can truly empower and enable the process owners, project managers, and system administrators to automate the process they want without depending on custom code. With advanced actions that can be configured in a matter of minutes, your team members do not need any “technical knowledge transfer” or crash courses in some scripting language. Workflows do the heavy lifting for you while you focus on recognizing gaps and inefficiencies. 

With workflow management tools, stakeholders can eliminate being overly dependent on external parties to maintain control of the operations and workflow processes. Since a company needs to constantly evolve, achieving self-sufficiency through visual workflows becomes a powerful tool in your arsenal.

2. Build advanced automation effortlessly

A visual workflow builder helps you implement advanced business processes that have multiple steps and relations among them. Without a visual way of building the work, it would be extremely hard to automate complex flows. In addition, a visual tool can increase knowledge share, promote collaboration across projects with optimum transparency. Visual workflow modeling is the most accountable and reliable real-time solution to creating a process you have complete control over in terms of visibility and management.

3. Drive productivity and scalability with a resilient tool

Scalability ensures that businesses can consistently provide their customers with excellent products and services with minimum pain points. Especially in today’s hyper-competitive market, business demands can’t be limited by inconsistent business performance. A powerful tool will let you scale upwards and downwards without adversely affecting your operational costs. 

As your business scales, what worked with your 50 loyal customers might not work with your 500 new customers. With a visual workflow builder, you can automate your processes very quickly with minimal disruption. Increase the coverage of your automation in no time. When your company has workflows that are scalable, you have an enormous advantage over companies that don’t.

4. Build flawless workflows with enhanced clarity

Visual information is processed 60,000x faster than text. With a visual look when building a process for your business, your process owners get to see what’s happening with workflows at a granular level. With a workflow diagram when building automation, you get to understand dependencies and fix errors much before releasing it to production. Transitioning from a whiteboard to a visual workspace was never easier!

With a visualization tool that lets you see and configure each task, you can gauge your business needs better.  Visual workflows allow enhanced visibility into your processes and the gaps that they can fill. Leveraging business process management tools can help you prioritize and re-prioritize tasks on the fly with a simple drag and drop functionality.

5. Adapt faster with effective Change Management 

The need of the hour is to leverage automation to make your company more efficient, flexible, and resilient. The business needs are ever-changing but how does one cater to that with the least manual intervention? Through visual workflows! With powerful workflow systems like HappyFox Workflows, system admins can reduce cycle times and bottlenecks and thus increase their organization’s responsiveness to change. 

Imagine a UI (user interface) where your team can quickly configure critical processes with rules and alerts in a matter of minutes? For any change in business requirements, just re-sequence the steps, and you are done with the changes. You can implement and test process steps simultaneously and remove errors on the go.

Key Takeaways

Business process management tools effectively streamline your flow of work. This gives your business the power to do more meaningful and substantial work instead of boring grunt work. HappyFox Workflows is an online tool that lets you gain control of your business processes with the least dependencies. It is intuitive and lets you orchestrate business processes involving actions across multiple systems like Salesforce, Jira, HappyFox Help Desk, ZenDesk Support, and many more enterprises. 

Humans are visual by nature. And we can use this natural phenomenon to improve the way we work. HappyFox Workflows is a no-code visual workflow builder that lets you translate complex business processes into automated workflows. Book a one-to-one session to know how this tool can transform how you do business!