Streamlining Employee Onboarding Processes Using HappyFox Workflows

Last Updated: July 6, 2021

Employee satisfaction is one of the key indicators of business success. Happy and engaged employees result in higher productivity, improved work quality, and stronger ownership. When building a healthy and efficient workforce, onboarding new employees is a key step that often gets overlooked. A smooth onboarding experience is your first impression on the new hire so it’s important to make it count. With 6 out of 10 millennials switching jobs within a year, businesses cannot let unstructured new hire onboarding be a reason for employee turnover.

What is Employee Onboarding?

Employee onboarding is the process of introducing a new hire to the company culture. A good onboarding process is about enabling your new employee with the necessary knowledge and skills to help them deliver their best performance. Employee onboarding typically starts once the offer letter is signed by the candidate. 

As it is the first interaction employees have with the organization, it is vital that this process positively impacts them. Let us look at some ways how bad employee onboarding might impact your employee experience –  

  • If onboarding is not up to the mark, employees might regret accepting the job offer
  • Poor onboarding might leave them with prejudiced notions about the organization on day one
  • Ambiguous information and instructions will leave them confused and unclear about their job objectives
  • A manual repetitive process can burden your HRs and other employees with out-of-control paperwork

A memorable onboarding process helps new recruits gain clarity about their job role, helps forge a good relationship with their peers, and improves employee retention beyond their first year.

How can workflow automation help?

As a business scales,  organizational structure can become more complex by the day. This means more complex processes – interdepartmental approvals, welcome emails, first-day instruction, infrastructure allotment, etc.  But this doesn’t mean that the onus lies on the HR team alone. Technology provides a personalized experience to new employees while making it easier for HR to schedule follow-ups with recruiters, department managers, and training staff.

Benefits of using automated workflows:

  1. Paper forms can be misplaced and emails can get buried in your inbox. Automation helps digitize your tasks and ensure their completion across the lifecycle
  2. Reducing the grunt work ensures your HR department focuses on bigger and better work
  3. Connect with other departments on a single platform using a single ticket
  4. Greater visibility into the onboarding process for HR managers and hiring managers

With manual and repetitive tasks often being the pain point of HR Managers, automation has proven to be the answer to a more streamlined business process. Automating the onboarding process helps prioritize the time of both existing employees and new hires to ensure business continuity and productivity with the least human intervention. Onboarding is a complex process that involves multiple departments and stakeholders and workflows can make these repetitive tasks automated. Learn more about Onboarding Employees with HappyFox Workflows here. 

Onboarding New Employees with HappyFox Workflows

In this sample workflow, we’ll see how HappyFox Workflows can integrate with HappyFox Help Desk to automate new employee onboarding. 

We have a business that wants to streamline onboarding across multiple departments. They’d like to send out an email to the recruit, create a related ticket and task for the IT team for asset management, and add tags to the tickets so that they can be added to a queue. 

The process starts with the HR creating a ticket under the “Hiring” category for the incoming employee. The HR populates relevant information such as Hiring Department, Hiring/Line Manager, and Hiring Manager’s email address. 

This initiates a smart rule in the HappyFox Help Desk that triggers a HappyFox workflow. The workflow would perform the following essential action:

Adds a Private note on the original Hiring ticket with consolidated information of the hiring personnel. Ex-New Hire Name, Hiring/Line Manager, Hiring Department, HR name.

Sends an email to the Hiring Manager with a Form to collect relevant onboarding information. Ex-New Hire Name, Job Title, Budget Code.

On successful submission of the form, the workflow automates the creation of a related ticket for another category (in this case – an “IT Inventory”) for related onboarding activities such as assigning desks, laptops, etc. 

  • Adds a tag “#newhire” on the related ticket
  • On the related ticket, creates a task for IT Support personnel to “Allot Workspace” 
  • Sends a reply to the new hire with important instructions regarding the first-day instructions – start date, information about employee orientation, employee handbook, and to fill up the new hire paperwork.
  • Extracts fields from the form submitted by the Hiring/Line Manager and sets custom fields accordingly on the “IT Inventory” ticket for transparency for all departments.

Using HappyFox Workflows, we see that six different activities are automated with just one ticket creation. And this is for one new recruit. Imagine a scenario where you have 10 new employees joining! HappyFox Workflows will allow a drastic cut down of administrative work (60 activities!) to just 10! That is how powerful one single workflow can be!

Key Takeaways

A new job, a new role, multiple company policies can prove overwhelming in the first week! But including an effective employee onboarding process flow within your hiring process can put new recruits at ease. Effective onboarding not only allows a great first experience for new hires but also drives retention.

With automation and workflows, Human Resource team members can focus on building a quality onboarding program, fostering an inclusive work environment, and integrating new hires with the rest of the organization. 

Workflows can make employee onboarding easy, efficient, and effective! With strong integrations with HappyFox Help Desk, Salesforce, and Zendesk, use HappyFox Workflows to take the onboarding process to the next level. To use an automated system to make onboarding seamless and to make it easier for employees to hit the ground running, sign up to speak to our experts today!