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Save Time with Canned Actions

Customer service needs to stay personal. Not every response could be generic. But in some cases, you might need to send automated responses to customer support queries. For instance, you might get a bunch of mails everyday asking for ways to retrieve username/password or about the various pricing plans of your product. The reply to these queries would be mostly identical.

Or it could be a lengthy presales pitch requiring you to explain in detail the advantage of using your product. Instead of the support team coming up with an answer everytime, you could use a professionally written sales copy which highlights the features better. That’s when Canned Actions come in handy.

Canned Actions Tab

Canned Actions Tab

Canned actions of HappyFox are stored responses that you could use while replying to tickets. These help cut the hassle of typing in similar responses every single time saving a whole lot of time in the process. To create canned actions, head over to the Manage section. HappyFox allows you to create multiple canned actions and select them all later from a drop down. Cool isn’t it?

Creating a Canned Action.jpg

Creating a Canned Action

Creating a canned action begins by giving it a name and explaining in brief the context of it for the sake of others.

Inserting a Reply.jpg

Inserting a Reply

Insert the text of the content and if necessary select appropriate actions to go with the canned action. Options to change the status and priority of the ticket and assigning it to a member of the team are available. For example, you could set to mark all tickets to high priority and assign it to a customer support manager automatically if a canned action for escalation is used.

Allowing Access.jpg

Allowing Access

The HappyFox team values your privacy and you can pick and choose who gets access to which canned action. Not only that, canned actions can be restricted to certain categories to prevent irrelevant responses sent out by mistake. Yes, we thought of everything to make things easier for you!

Using a Canned Action.jpg

Using a Canned Action

To see a canned response in action, open a support ticket and hit the Reply button. Use the Apply Canned Action drop down to pick the one that fits the ticket better and then click on Update the ticket button. That’s it, HappyFox will automatically perform the associated actions and you can move on to helping the next customer.

Do you use Canned Actions already? What additional features would you like to see added to Canned Actions?