5 things you should automate with HappyFox Workflows

Last Updated: June 19, 2022

Imagine if you could employ a smart digital solution that reduces the burden of manual and repetitive business processes for your team and company. It could help you save time, increase your company’s bottom line, eliminate redundancies, and enhance data management. HappyFox Workflows, a cloud-based, no-code, workflow management platform, does just that. 

By leveraging the power of automation, HappyFox Workflows relieves you from repetitive work, copy-pasting, and unnecessary communication, letting you focus on tasks and processes that actually need human input. Read further to know more about what common tasks you can automate using our product and how it can benefit your company. 

Improve customer support by automating data entry via value extraction

Customer support teams are often inundated with various queries and requests, which require a lot of repetitive activities such as data entry, manually sending canned responses, and communications. HappyFox Workflows automates these repetitive activities, giving agents time to provide quality support, leading to higher levels of customer satisfaction and reduced response and resolution rates. 

It is important for any business to understand incoming emails about user registration, warranty, customer onboarding, etc., extract the information, and leverage it. HappyFox Workflows allows you to read inbound messages to your help desk and automatically detect patterns. This extracted information can then be used to automate actions like setting ticket custom fields, changing contacts, adding replies, and sending responses.

Ease the approval and decision-making process with automation

When it comes to decision-making and recurring approval processes, automating your workflows that get triggered automatically upon condition match is the way to go. It gives you enhanced visibility into organizational processes, better security and compliance adherence, and also streamlines mundane processes while saving you time and effort. 

With Happyfox Workflows, you can mix and match help desk ticketing actions with approvals, customize the approval email notification template with relevant information by using Merge Fields for dynamic data population inside approval emails and track actionable approval workflows – including those that require tiered and conditional approvals using audit logs.

Automate your HR onboarding for higher employee satisfaction

Onboarding new hires are one of the most vital tasks of a company’s HR team as it dictates employees’ experience and satisfaction. It includes multiple activities like documentation, training, hardware, and software provisioning which can be managed and tracked with workflow automation, ensuring clarity and transparency. 

With HappyFox Workflows, you can send welcome emails, trigger tasks with required assignees on the arrival of a new employee, initiate task checklists for each activity within the onboarding process, automate scheduling meetings while keeping a check on stakeholder availability, and mess the effectiveness of your efforts by automatically triggering surveys. 

Make eCommerce automation easy with the Workflow Shopify integration

Shopify is the one-stop e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. But the processes like creating recurring orders, processing refunds, and updating order information, without Shopify Flow, involve a lot of time spent on manual data entry, which can be avoided by using HappyFox Workflows for workflow automation. 

Workflows lets you automate repetitive tasks within a simple, intuitive, and no-code workflow builder. You can manage multi-level approval to your existing refund processing workflows, perform condition-based order actions inside Shopify, and create workflows for any store product variant, stock-keeping unit (SKU), or business processes. It also brings related apps like your help desk, e-commerce store, and CRM apps into one workflow management solution, helping you drastically improve your buyer and the checkout experience. Additionally, you can add a chatbot to your workflow, helping you get instant information about orders such as status and tracking ID. 

• Make creating and updating leads easy with Workflow automation

Salesforce is one of the leading customer relationship management software focused on sales, customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development. Connecting HappyFox Workflows to your Salesforce can you automate repetitive multi-step actions like creating and updating leads, accounts, and contacts, implementing approval management processes, and extracting data from incoming emails.

One popular use case of Workflows inside Salesforce is to automate ticket creation for each new lead. You can use HappyFox Workflows to create a ticket in your Helpdesk each time a new lead is created in Salesforce. This way, you respond to new business opportunities faster, helping you achieve lead time reduction.

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Save time, money, and effort with workflow automation

By using a no-code, drag-and-drop workflow builder, you can automate your order workflows in just a few minutes without putting in much effort. To learn more about how you can leverage HappyFox Workflows to ease your daily operations and business processes, book a one-on-one meeting with our product specialists.