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Adding Time Spent and Tags to Canned Actions

Canned Actions save a ton of time when replying to customer support queries. Ideally, canned actions are used to respond to support tickets that deal with the most commonly and frequently occurring issues. Say, a request for the link to access the knowledge base or asking for an invoice.

In such cases, the time spent on a ticket would more or less be the same. So could the tags related to those tickets. That’s why we now have included the option to add a preset time spent and tags with each one of your canned actions.

Canned Actions with Preset Time Spent and Tags

Canned Actions with Preset Time Spent and Tags

When a support staff uses a canned action by selecting it from the drop down, the time spent and tags fields are auto populated. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t change the tags or edit the time spent on the ticket manually.

Try it out now and let us what you think!