Boost Live Chat Performance with Analytics

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

Live chat is rapidly becoming the preferred choice of support for online businesses. Get your business chat ready!

A Forrester report indicates that 44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a site can offer.

Ease of access and quick response time make Live Chat a must-have support tool to engage with your online customers. Setting up HappyFox Chat for your website is easy peasy. The set-up time is less than a minute, and you don’t need any coding experience to do it.

Track the success of your live chat support with these analytics.

Activity Report

The activity report is a snapshot of the number of chats, number of missed chats, agent leaderboard, and average chat duration for the selected period.

Number of Chats

This simple metric is indicative of how popular the live chat support channel has been. It reflects the number of chats received in a specific period. This number varies depending on the industry type, time of the year, agent availability, availability of other support channels, etc. 

Track the number of chats to determine the staffing needs of your support team. Ramp up the shifts that see regular peak volume chats.

Number of Missed Chats

The number of missed chats is possibly lost opportunities, and you want to keep that number low. You can check if there is a pattern and identify periods where this number is high. 

Make sure that you have enough agents working in those shifts. You could also check the Average chat duration to check if agents are spending more time on each chat than they need to.

Average Chat Duration

The average chat duration is the average time spent on chat sessions by the support team. 

A Forbes article revealed that organizations that achieved a 90% or higher customer satisfaction score had an average chat duration of 12 minutes and 26 seconds, 13% longer than organizations with lower scores. Higher average chat duration leads to higher satisfaction rates, which ensures customers receive personalized attention.

To strike a balance between customer satisfaction and speed of resolution, you may want to keep the average chat duration between 12 and 15 minutes. 

This metric also helps determine the training needs of agents.

Customer Satisfaction Report

This section reveals satisfaction rates, average response time, average waiting time, and agent leaderboard.

Average Rating

Evaluate customer satisfaction through this metric. Based on the post-chat survey, the average rating reflects how satisfied customers were after chatting with your agents. Unresponded surveys don’t get factored while calculating the average rating. By choosing a rating between 1 and 5, customers can rate their chat experience (1 – very bad, 2 – bad, 3 – ok, 4 – good, and 5 – very good).

Track satisfaction scores for your support team and see if it is in line with the benchmark set.

Average Response Time (ART)

The average response time is a crucial metric to measure the performance of your chat team. Response time is the time taken by agents to respond to each message from the customer. Average response time (ART) is the average value of the response time across all chats. It reflects the team’s preparedness to respond. Set a benchmark value of ART for the support team and stay on top of your team’s response time.
Follow these strategies to ensure quick response time by your support team.

Average First Response Time (AFRT)

The average first response time reflects the average waiting time for your customers before your agents send the first reply.

Organizations with a satisfaction score of 90% or higher had an average wait time of 46 seconds, while those with the lowest satisfaction had an average wait time of 25 seconds. Shorter wait time does not guarantee customer satisfaction. The quality of the answers provided trumps fast unhelpful responses.

Agent leaderboard

Through the agent leaderboard, you can evaluate the performance of individual agents. You can filter based on an agent to review the agent level metrics and performance. The agent leaderboard is available on the activity and satisfaction reports. 

Set a benchmark for the team and see how agents stack up against each other. Agents get to see where they stand. 

51% of consumers say a business needs to be available 24/7. 
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