Canned Actions – Smarter Way to Handle Help Desk Responses

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

Responding to customers can take over your support team’s workday, with no time to delve deep into more critical issues. But there’s one trick that can help you get through them quickly and efficiently: Canned Actions or Canned Responses. Using templates for common requests saves you time and helps improve consistency in your brand communication

This article is a complete guide on how canned actions work in a Help Desk.

When to use Canned Actions in a Help Desk?

Canned Actions can either be created as and when a situation pops up or can be a planned activity. Here’s our blog article explaining various situations where canned actions can be used.

This list is not exhaustive and is based on your customers and experience.

How to create a Canned Action in HappyFox Help Desk?

Creating Canned Actions in HappyFox Help Desk is easy. Just compose the message, set the necessary ticket properties like status, priority, etc. and you are good to go. You can pre-compose and save several canned responses at a time. You can also add merge fields to make the message more personalized. 

If you’re answering a ticket that you’ve responded to time and again, you can quickly mark the reply as a canned action by clicking on the “more” button and selecting a canned response. The email response you’ve already created will then appear. Give the response a title and save!

Here’s a video walkthrough of creating a Canned Action in HappyFox:

How to use a Canned Action while composing messages in HappyFox Help Desk?

After creating Canned Actions, we need to know how to use them effectively. While adding a ticket reply, you can view all the Canned Actions available to you. Also, you can search for specific Canned Actions and apply them.

Here’s another video that shows how quickly your support staff can add existing canned responses while composing a reply to the customer.

Canned Actions can be a handy feature to improve the productivity of your team. HappyFox Help Desk software offers all the features you would require for better and faster customer support. Get a one-on-one demo with a HappyFox product expert to know more!