Choosing a name for our web-app

Last Updated: March 15, 2021

HappyFox blog

When we kick-started our plan to launch a hosted customer support app, we utilized every element of creativity within our grasp to give birth to a refreshing new identity.

The Idea

Our aim was to give our app a name that was synonymous with Customer Support yet conveyed a feeling that the app was bound to be a pleasure to use. Delivering quality customer support is a mission critical requirement and one that can often be quite tasking on support staff, agents and the like. We knew that our customer support app would alleviate all these pressures and offer an ambient user environment; so the name had to reflect this desired end result.

The process

Using our experience in the help desk/customer support software domain, we thought up of all the buzzwords we could associate with a support environment. They all went up on our whiteboard and we began using word-associations to try and come up with that elusive app name.

While that was happening on the one side, some of us took to the glorious world wide web to read more about naming conventions. We came across some interesting resources, such as Igor’s Naming Guide which provides amazing insights on how a name can form direct connections with various units of your business.

The result

After weeks of deliberation and internal testing, we had our Eureka moment and felt quite sure we’d come up with the new name for our customer support app. It was perfect. It conveyed a connection with the all-important role of support in virtually any environment. It personified how support teams come together to deliver on a unified goal. It was also, quite boring.

We were yearning to test the limits of our creativity but this chosen name didn’t really push the bar. It was good, but it wasn’t great.

So during an intense conversation between some of the team members on what our options were, a name was randomly thrown out. HappyFox. Everyone who heard it reacted in the exact same manner; a smile gradually appeared on their faces. This was encouraging.

We then drafted sample logos and sent a selection to some of our friends and associates.

They smiled as well. We knew this was it.

During this exercise, we realized that it wasn’t essential for the name of the app to convey what exactly it offered. Rather, the name should merely instill a sense of pleasure or form a connection with the user and HappyFox jolly well did that.

After a few visual tweaks here, color variants there, we were ready with the avatar for our customer support app.

How did you feel when you first came across the name? Leave us a comment and let us know!