Understanding Reports – Staff Performance View

Last Updated: April 20, 2023

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Going ahead with our series of posts focused on the various views of the HappyFox Reports feature, today let us take a look at the Staff Performance view. For better understanding, do give these articles a read before diving in:

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Accessing Staff Performance View

Accessing Staff Performance View

Click on the icon that’s third from the left to access the Staff Performance view. While the Response Stats view gives you the rundown of average time related metrics for the overall team, the Staff Performance view is all about breaking down the stats for each and every person in the team.

Staff Performance Details

Staff Performance Details

Previously discussed metrics like Average First Response Time, Average Response Time, Average Number of Responses, Average Number of responses to completed state are all in display for every single member in the team. In addition, two new items – Average Time Spent and Average Time to Ticket Completed are displayed as well.

Average Time Spent

The average time spent by a staff member on a ticket.

Average Time to Ticket Completed

The average time taken by the staff member to move a ticket to the completed state (solved or closed) from the time of ticket creation.

All the information displayed in this view can be downloaded as a CSV or Excel file for further analysis as well.

We will be learning in detail about the Staff Activity view in the upcoming post. In the meantime, do let us know if you have any queries!

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