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Cloning a Ticket

Ever had a customer telling you that he is facing the same issue on two different products he is using? It might sound like a slam dunk, making you think that solving one might automatically solve another. Occasionally, things might not turn to be so easy.

The issue might be the same, but a different hardware or software configuration might warrant creating a new ticket and assigning it to another queue. Creating a new ticket from scratch for issues like these where the customer and most of the ticket details are the same isn’t very productive.

That’s exactly why we have the option to clone a ticket in HappyFox. To replicate a ticket, click on the very obviously name Clone link in the ticket details screen.

In the ensuing page, you will see all the details from the original ticket populated in the form. Update the fields as you see fit, add a note explaining the reason for cloning the ticket and then click Create Ticket. The newly created ticket can then be found at the top of the queue it was assigned to.

While at it, do check out how you can edit ticket subjects and their prefixes in detail too!