FAQs vs Knowledge Base – Why you should switch

Your customer Jim is working on something critical and suddenly there is an error that he’s unable to solve. He does the best thing he can think of. He googles for a solution. He is taken to your FAQ page and reaches the specific question and finds that it is not detailed enough to solve his problem. Jim is now irritated, so he picks up his phone to call the support staff, and the clock on the phone says 1:30 am! So instead, he opens Twitter and channels all that frustration into a tweet.

Your customer should never experience this nightmare.

These kinds of bad experiences aren’t good for your business and will eventually lead to bad PR and might even have some serious consequences. There is one thing that could’ve fixed this entire problem. And that is–

No, unlike your favorite show, we won’t leave you on a cliffhanger. The one solution to the problem is a good Knowledge Base Article.

What is a Knowledge base?

A Knowledge base is a collection of articles that most product and service-based companies have. Knowledge base articles are like FAQs but in a much detailed form. Having a good knowledge base is essential to let your customers help themselves, shortening the time taken to solve basic problems. On top of that, it can be integrated with a Live Chat or a Chatbot Product to provide even quicker solutions.

Why do you need a Knowledge base?

Unlike FAQs, Knowledge bases are structured. You can organize your articles in categories, sections, and sub-sections. You can find articles in a Knowledge Base by using the search field. Other than the reasons we’ve already pointed out, there are a few more points to consider going for a Knowledge base over a FAQ section. Every time you would want to update your FAQ section, you will have to disturb the website team. If you had a Knowledge Base, you could create an article yourself and continuously update them. Article writers can even add rich text data even with absolutely zero coding knowledge.  Also, “Internal Knowledge base”, as its name, is to be used by your own support team. With access to the internal knowledge base, Stanley from support will no longer trouble Dwight from sales over a certain confusion.

Now, because we’re nice people, we have listed down 4 Steps to convert your FAQs to Knowledge Base Articles:

  • Pick your knowledge base software: An online support center would be your knowledge base where all your articles would rest at. The support center should have articles categorized into different sections and sub-sections to make all articles easily accessible. We want the Game of Thrones episodes to be categorized by Season and Episode number, and not by runtime! That would be insane! If you’re looking for a professional knowledge base, here is the HappyFox Knowledge base software. On the other hand, there are some open-source options also available like WordPress.
  • Identify the topics to create the Knowledge base: The most important step is to identify what the frequently asked questions are. You should not select questions like “What was the temperature of the fire that Drogon breathed?” over “What character does Emilia Clark portray in Game of Thrones?” An ideal way to come up with a list of frequently asked questions is to set up a periodic meeting with your support team.
  • Write your Knowledge base article: Now that you’ve identified your FAQs, it’s time to write them. Please write an awesome article. Use proper grammar and correct formatting (free tools like Grammarly and Hemingway are God sent). Use bullet points and numbered lists. But be careful to use them only when necessary. Overusing bullet points 
    • can
    • annoy
    • your
    • customers!
  • Add screenshots, GIFs, and videos: Text can get boring sometimes (read: always). Add screenshots, GIFs (or JIFs, depending on how you pronounce it), and videos to your article to create clarity and help the customer solve their problem. If you don’t know how to create knowledge base videos or GIFs, we have blogs written for both of them. (ehm, shameless plugs)

Now that you have a solid article and a knowledge base, spread the word. Tell your customers about the knowledge base in your monthly newsletter and cheer them up! Do not forget to inform your support staff about the newly added articles so that they make use of them in the future! Oh, I almost forgot to tell you to do a happy dance!

You’ve done it and you deserve an amazing Helpdesk that has a Support center that is beautiful and customizable. *Abracadabra, poof 🔥🎩* you deserve HappyFox Helpdesk. Sign Up for a one-on-one Demo today!

  • Chintan is a Video Producer at HappyFox and a big fan of comedy. Chintan also types a lot in the third person.