4 Keys to Growth Hacking to Grow Your Reach!

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

As a savvy business leader, you’ve likely undertaken an assortment of growth hacking tactics. Through the use of these inexpensive, innovative and often easy-to-do methods, you’ve helped to grow the business. But are you fully capitalizing off of all your growth hacking potential, however?

While, there are many methods by which you can #growthhack there is one that is commonly overlooked. Even the most adept growth hackers often fail to capitalize off of the potential in email footers, or signatures, of agents who deal directly with your customers – the support staff.

If your current email signatures are perfunctory, containing just to-the-point, contact information, you’re not capitalizing on a major opportunity. Revisit these email footers to capture additional customers and enhance your growth.

Get real-time feedback

One of the most important parts of growth hacking is continually monitoring key metrics regarding your business — including customer satisfaction. Use footers as a way to elicit real-time feedback from customers.

In your footer, provide a simple, one click, way for customers to tell you how well (hopefully) or how poorly their interactions went. Add radio buttons with a basic Likert scale of options, ranging from poor to great, for example.

To make this feedback truly meaningful, you could allow customers can elaborate on their ratings if they’re so inclined. While some customers won’t want to leave detailed feedback, if the interaction was either exceptionally good or markedly bad they’ll likely be eager to share details as to why.

Pro Tip: Once you’ve added this, include this data in your regular review. Having the data, after all, won’t do you any good if you neither review it nor reflect upon it.

Provide easy access to your properties

You want customers to visit your website. Often. This is almost certainly one of the analytics you are already tracking — and, if you’re not, you certainly should be!

Make accessing your website, and any other properties like secondary websites or social media accounts, easy with the addition of some email-ending hyperlinks.

Launched a new piece of bonus content? Hosting an upcoming webinar? Create a new product? Tell your customers about it in your footer, and ink to it, too. No new shiny objects at the moment? Highlight a well-converting piece of content on your blog.

When including news and calls-to-action like this, do so judiciously. You don’t want an overly lengthy email signature that will elicit eye-rolls from your customers and induce them to immediately switch in the skim mode.

Pepper with glowing quotes

You’ve capitalized off of what you’re already doing well — and you’re tracking your progress. Now it’s time to start experimenting. This, after all, is the fun part. Experiment #1 – celebrate your businesses successes publicly to build your brand image.

Is your business great? Do you want to make this obvious to people — without coming off as a pompous jerk in the process? One of the easiest, most cost-effective, sure-to-reach-customers ways to do this is through the inclusion of customer testimonials in your support staff’s email signatures.

The next time you get some tangible customer praise, keep a few snippets on file and add them to your email footers as evidence of your success.

Share some data

You have been tracking analytics like a boss! Why are you keeping this all to yourself? Sharing these numbers with your customers can help reaffirm their belief in your business. Don’t keep these numbers locked away — give them a platform.

If you have some data supporting your growth or, better yet, the effectiveness of your product, do the digital equivalent of shouting it from the mountaintops, include it in your email signatures.

Data is only effective if customers understand it. Take care to frame your digits in such a manner that they’re easily decodable — even by the more data-illiterate customers.

As with all of these options, use the less-is-more approach. A lengthy list of facts and figures will do more harm than good. Select only the most important data to include, limiting your signature to one or two truly amazing figures.

In consideration of all of these techniques, how do your email signatures stack up? What do you think you might do to make the most of these email footers as tools for growth hacking?

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  • Kimberly Barnes

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