Help Desk Training Simplified with HappyFox University

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

HappyFox Help Desk is not only a powerful system that organizations make use of to streamline their customer service processes but it is also highly intuitive. To make this convenient system even easier to adopt, we have created HappyFox University – an in-app learning module that allows agents to be on-boarded at their own pace. Help Desk training just got a whole lot simpler.

Why is Support Agent Training Important?

Support Agent training is a very important step in a Help Desk system implementation. Sadly we find that training is typically under-resourced and under-valued. Michael Leboeuf in his book “The great principle of management” says:

If you believe that training is expensive, it is because you do not know what ignorance costs.

Let us see some reasons how Support Agent training can add benefit to your corporation.

Improved Efficiency

End-user training can ensure that there are lesser errors when a system is starting to be used. This in turn improves the efficiency as agents gain a deeper understanding of the system with less need for troubleshooting. 

Increased Productivity

With less time spent on looking for support elsewhere, centralized agent training promotes quick knowledge sharing and faster problem-solving which allows support specialists to spend more time on actual deliverables. 

Immediate ROI

Training allows help desk agents to apply knowledge almost immediately to the new software. This fills the gaps in their work performance and with access to getting help easier. 

Improving Employee Engagement

With a boost in productivity, end-user training ensures that the employees take ownership of the system, boosting their morale and driving engagement amongst them. 

Effective Help Desk Training at No Extra Cost

User training and learning new skills can be an expensive affair. Dedicated user training increases the acquisition cost of products but purchasing teams often fail to take account of it when implementing a Help Desk or a service desk. However, with HappyFox Help Desk, your agents and admins can leverage a centralized repository of courses inside of HappyFox University, for free! 

Support professionals can access HappyFox University training courses through two different personas – As help desk admins or as agents with the most relevant courses assigned in each persona.

Bite-Sized Chapters for Effective Learning

Each HappyFox University course contains bite-sized chapters or articles for easy consumption. Every chapter deals with a specific HappyFox Help Desk feature and a quick video of it in action. This allows your agents to come back to this database of extremely helpful and easy information for quick reference as many times as they want. Let us get a sneak peek into one of our very popular courses Working with Ticket.

This course covers the basic ticketing experience in HappyFox Help Desk. Chapters on navigating and accessing the ticket list page, ways to configure and customize the system, viewing ticket updates, replying to a ticket, and more are included here. Inside one of the courses, you see a gist of what the course is about, a quick video, and a crisp and concise lesson on the functionality. HappyFox University also allows you to track your progress as and when you finish your course and mark them completed.

What is HappyFox Help Desk?

Intuitive in its design, HappyFox Help Desk is a cloud-based support ticket system that has helped 1000+ companies streamline their customer service practices. With robust integrations with systems like Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, and Aircall, organizations have successfully eliminated silos and managed their customers better. Highly customizable, HappyFox Help Desk is currently being used in multiple industries and with multiple use cases such as IT Help Desk to manage IT services by technical support teams, as Complaint Management system to gain loyalty and increase retention, or as an internal help desk software for help desk technicians. Also available on mobile devices as a convenient iOS and Andriod mobile help desk, agents can now resolve issues and tickets on the go!


With numerous tips, use-cases, and gotcha items, we believe in making end-user training for your Support Agents easy and easily accessible to all users. We are constantly adding more content to our online courses. If you have suggestions for new HappyFox University chapters/courses, schedule a demo with our product experts.

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