HappyFox University

Help Desk Training Simplified with HappyFox University

HappyFox is fun and easy to use. New agents can now kickstart their HappyFox journey using HappyFox University – a cool new in-app learning module that allows agents to be on-boarded at their own pace. As a result, help desk training just got a whole lot simpler 🙂

Effective Help Desk Training at No Extra Cost

Dedicated user training increases the acquisition cost of products. However, purchase decisions often do not factor this indirect cost. But this is certainly not the case with us! With HappyFox University included for FREE, the already simple to use HappyFox help desk gets even better.

The HappyFox University consists of Courses and Chapters. Each course contains one or more related chapters in it. As of now, the following courses are available at HappyFox University, and you can expect more courses to follow soon!

  • Working With Tickets: This course covers the basic ticketing experience in HappyFox. Chapters on navigating and accessing the ticket list page, viewing ticket updates, replying to a ticket and more are included here.
  • Maximize Your Productivity: Highlights unique HappyFox features like pinning Tickets, ticket preview etc., that greatly improve agent productivity.
Course Content
A sneak-peek into the list of chapters!


Bite-Sized Chapters for Effective Learning

Each HappyFox University course contains bite-sized chapters for easy consumption. Also, every chapter deals with a specific HappyFox feature and contains a 2-3 minute video showing it in action. As a result, your agents can quickly reference the chapters for a refresher course any time by accessing the HappyFox University module.

Chapter Preview
Preview into a chapter

With numerous tips, use-cases, and gotcha items, we are certain that users will find learning to be a breeze. As mentioned earlier, we plan to add more courses on configuring HappyFox and highlighting recent productivity features that we’ve built! If you have suggestions for new HappyFox University chapters/courses, please write to us at support@happyfox.com! On the other hand, if you are not a HappyFox user, book a demo now for a customized hands-on walkthrough of the HappyFox platform!


Shalin Jain

Founder & CEO HappyFox. My forte is in customer service, support management and running a SaaS company. Connect with me on Google+, LinkedIn or follow me on twitter.