Offer Social Media Customer Service with HappyFox-Facebook Integration

Last Updated: April 4, 2021

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The number of questions asked on brand pages on Facebook has increased by 85% over the last year  ~ Social Bakers

The above statistic from 2013 explains the powerful impact of Facebook. When customers buy a product, social media is one of the first places they discuss about the product right from the looks to the quality. Therefore, one bad feedback is all it takes for many more customers to know about it.

Convenience of a social networking portal

There are various ways to communicate with a company including mails and telephonic support. But since social media is where they are spending the most amount of time, it becomes extremely convenient for a customer to identify brands, provide feedback and most importantly, voice out concerns.

Instead of having to type out mails or make calls, customers simply go up to the brand’s Facebook page and message their concerns.

Issues with providing customer service on social media

For instance, let us assume you are an eCommerce or Airline ticket booking company with a large number of customers. If a customer comes to your Facebook page and puts up a query saying that the product you delivered is broken, your support staff can respond to it.

But if 200 customers put up issues at the same time, your staff have to constantly monitor your Facebook page, check for issues, go back and forth between their delivery and logistics teams and also stay on Facebook to update the customers with the progress.

You can either put your support process through all that hardship or you can get all this done comfortably with one efficient system that manages all your incoming issues on Facebook with no hassles.

That is exactly why we built HappyFox for Facebook, so that your support team can function in an organised fashion.

HappyFox and Facebook

With HappyFox – Facebook integration, all private messages to your Facebook page will get registered as tickets on your HappyFox system.

It is an extremely simple 2 step configuration to set up your HappyFox account for your Facebook page.

  • Connect your Facebook login with your HappyFox account
  • Pick any of Facebook pages and link it with a specific category
  • Have any private message to that page created as a ticket under that category in your HappyFox account

The power of a social help desk

By combining the strength of social media with the robust ticketing skills of a social help desk, you can have all your incoming Facebook messages logged as tickets with SLAs that are accessible to all your support staff. Simplify support and automate your support work by using the various features of HappyFox like Smart Rules and Canned Actions.


This Aberdeen chart sums up the need for social media customer service. It is up to you to decide whether you want the 7.5% growth or the 2.9% growth. Ensure no customer query on Facebook is missed out on. Start delivering the best social customer service today. Ask us how.