HappyFox + WhatsApp: Elevate Your Customer Service Experience to the Next Level

As a business, it is important to communicate, engage and support customers in the channel they like. Customers can prefer email, phone, or their favorite messaging tool. While there are countless messaging applications in the market, one of the popular messaging applications is WhatsApp.

As per the latest WhatsApp statistics, more than 5 million businesses are actively engaging with customers on WhatsApp. Providing customers a way to get in touch with the tools they’re already comfortable with is simply more convenient, feels more authentic, and increases engagement.

HappyFox Help Desk – WhatsApp integration allows you to collaborate and resolve queries from WhatsApp. When customers send a text to a designated WhatsApp business number, HappyFox gives you the ability to convert it into an actionable support ticket and continue the conversation.

This blog will cover 4 key reasons HappyFox Help Desk and WhatsApp integration can help elevate your WhatsApp customer support experience to the next level.

1. Categorize and route WhatsApp messages to the right team

With HappyFox, your support, billing, and marketing teams can manage WhatsApp channel tickets independently in collaborative ticket categories and centralize customer communication on one platform.

For every WhatsApp conversation, a ticket gets created in the configured category for the support team to work on the issue and take it to resolution. Here’s a quick walkthrough of the integration:

  2. Improve the quality of support using rich media 

With attachments, customers can utilize rich media in their text conversations to help the support team troubleshoot the issue more effectively. Similarly, support agents can also attach media to guide the customers contextually.

3. Collaborate effectively with subject matter experts

HappyFox makes collaborating on WhatsApp queries simple. With private notes, ask your teammate for help with a simple @mention. With readily available information from internal knowledge base articles, responding to customer conversations becomes hassle-free.

 4. Improve support performance through analytics

Do you handle hundreds of WhatsApp conversations every day? HappyFox powerful automation suite – Smart Rules engine can triage WhatsApp tickets automatically to help your team stay on top of the queue. You can identify peak hours using HappyFox’s inflow report and use the load-balanced auto-assignment to intelligently assign conversations.

Get Started Today!

The HappyFox – WhatsApp integration is powered by Twilio. You require a WhatsApp-Enabled Twilio Number to configure the integration. Once the number is procured, the integration takes 2-3 minutes to set up. For detailed installation steps, visit the product documentation page.

If you have further questions regarding HappyFox-WhatsApp integration, or if you’d like to try out the product, please feel free to book a one-on-one demo with our product experts.