Ticket Templates – Automate and Save Time with Reusable Tickets

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

In help desk ticketing use-cases, it’s common to find yourself having to create similar support tickets over and over. Creating tickets manually on behalf of your customers, with all the information like ticket subject and other ticket properties, is a time-consuming task for your agents. To avoid such redundant typing for common issues, here comes a powerful feature in HappyFox Help Desk – Ticket Templates.

 What is a Ticket Template?

Ticket templates are reusable ticket layouts created for specific kinds of requests. Templates contain predefined data that let you fill up your new ticket form or request form with one click hence eliminating the need to enter standard information manually. 

Why use a Ticket Template?

Let’s understand this using a use case: 

Customer A is on a call with your support agent and is reporting that his account got locked. The agent can then create a ticket for this in HappyFox that is going to be pretty generic since there’s not much to an account unlock. What the agent would be hoping is to be able to choose a ticket template from a list and fill in the name of the contact the ticket was for. This is an apt scenario where ticket templates can come in handy and save time.

The best part is that you can create different ticket templates for different teams or categories based on the kind of queries received in each category. For example – The Billing team can create invoice related ticket templates, whereas the IT Support team can create ticket templates for some common operational issues or FAQs.

How to create a ticket template in HappyFox Help Desk?

You can create a ticket template in HappyFox Help Desk in three simple steps.Watch this video for all the details about creating a ticket template in HappyFox:

As shown in the video, a help desk ticket template incorporates lots of properties in various sections that need to be set on a ticket during and after creation; they are as follows:

  • Ticket message: Lets you add the ticket subject and the message along with CC and BCC recipients.
  • Ticket properties: Lets you add the standard ticket properties like ticket category, priority, ticket status, ticket assignee and setting the due date
  • Additional properties: Lets you add any custom field that comes under the category which has been chosen for the ticket template.
  • Who can access ticket template: You can set the ticket to be accessed by all agents or just you.
  • Private ticket: This lets the ticket be visible only to agents and customers cannot access it in the customer portal.

While creating tickets, you can insert the ticket template from the list of options via the new ticket form with just one click.

When to use Ticket Templates and Canned Actions in HappyFox Help Desk?

Ticket Templates and Canned Actions are both templates but used for different purposes. They can sometimes go hand-in-hand in saving a lot of time in creating and resolving tickets.

Canned Action or a Canned response is a template that lets you automate the ticket replies to your customers. The main difference between Canned Actions and Ticket Templates in HappyFox is that Canned Actions are primarily used for faster responses to customer queries, whereas ticket templates take the whole ownership of creating a ticket with all the necessary properties.

Four differences between canned actions and ticket templates are as follows:

  • Canned responses can be used anytime while replying to customers, whereas ticket templates can be used only during ticket creation.
  • Ticket templates let you set categories along with other ticket properties, whereas canned actions cannot set or change the category when you use them in ticket replies.
  • Custom fields can be set in a Ticket Template but not in Canned Actions. So if you want to change any specific custom fields while you use a canned action – that’s not possible. You will need to manually add the custom field values on a ticket.
  • The due date can be set in ticket templates, For instance, you can set the due date to 15 days from ticket creation date and adhere to the Service Level Agreements(SLAs). Setting the due date isn’t possible with canned actions.

You can use a combination of Ticket Templates and Canned Actions to maximize help desk automation.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, our ticketing system offers all the features you would need for better and faster customer support. Interested in knowing more? Schedule a demo with us, and we will answer all the queries you may have regarding our help desk software.