Live Chat Translation with One Click.

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

As your business expands to reach customers across the world, your customer support teams must focus on solving customer issues and worry less about dealing with different foreign languages. While agents on your live chat software could use one default language, this needn’t necessarily apply to your customers. 

Customers reaching out using a support channel or social media, look for the fastest resolution and the best customer support experience. Worrying about the language should be the least of their concerns. Exactly why HappyFox Chat, offers Live Translation as a standard across any plan that you may be on.

What’s Live Chat Translation?

Quite simply, Live Chat Translation is when your support agents and the visitors your webpages, are using two different languages, and the chat is translated for both of them, in real-time. 

HappyFox Chat – Live Translation in-action.

Picture this: A customer on chat sends a message for the first time, say, in Portuguese. HappyFox Chat detects Portuguese as the default language and offers the support agent an option to translate the chat to his default language within the chat popup. One-click and all of the visitor’s chat messages are translated to the agent’s default account language – say, English (EN-US). 

As the agent types out the answers in English, the messages are translated back into the visitor’s preferred language (Portuguese in this case) and displayed on the visitor’s chat window. Portuguese, Spanish or just about any language – This is HappyFox Chat’s live chat translation done seamlessly and in real-time! 

How do we do this?

HappyFox Chat uses Google Translate APIs. Google’s in-house machine translation provides the best in class Google Translate API, which helps in instant language detection and accurate translations, better than any other translation apps for Live Chat ever. 

Google Translate API and HappyFox Chat

Using a plugin, HappyFox Chat connects to Google’s Translate API’s, which quickly enable it to offer the most accurate live chat translations. This makes HappyFox Chat’s translation feature, the best Live Chat Translation Service to ever be built.

HappyFox Chat offers this and a whole lot more, right out of the box. Sign-up for your free trial today!