Sell well. Support better. The need for a CRM – Help desk combination.

Last Updated: April 4, 2021

HappyFox blog

Ever had a situation where your support team made a high-profile customer wait too long for an issue? And you could not blame them because they did not know how important the customer was?

Every company seems to have only two focus areas these days – Customer success and Customer happiness.

This starts from the point-of-sale to how the experience is ranked. When it comes to customer interaction, the two teams that have the maximum touchpoint are the sales and support teams. They also double as drivers for customer information through the company.

The two technologies that have enabled these two teams to achieve great success even with a larger target audience, are Help desks and CRM solutions. If you implement a great CRM and a great help desk, but not a great integration between them, you are still not leveraging both these technologies. The quest is to narrow the gap between the sales and support teams and although these tools have different objectives, them working together has become a necessity.

How should a CRM and help desk integrate?

Sales teams constantly offering pre-sales support and having users progress in the buying cycle, can typically expose them to their support team. Vice versa, the support team understands a prospective customer and provides help with enough know-how to add value to the business.

The integration builds consistent information and knowledge flow. With this, you don’t just make a good sale, but also show great after-sale support, thus giving you the much needed outcome – Customer happiness.

Remember that Hydrogen and Oxygen might be great elements individually, but if they didn’t combine, you wouldn’t get this nectar called water. So, get yourself some water and go out there and begin your quest for customer happiness.