Why Does Your IT Support Need A Chatbot?

Last Updated: April 20, 2023

With the proliferation of AI-powered Chatbots, organizations are leveraging their power not only to provide extraordinary customer service and drive external customer engagement but also to drive internal employee engagement within organizations. Chatbots can elevate your IT help desk processes by ensuring business continuity, employee productivity, and organizational growth, during this digital-first new normal. Let us dive deeper into how chatbots can help streamline IT Service Management processes.

How can IT Support chatbots transform internal operations?

1. Chatbots can provide 24×7 service

AI Chatbots are proving to be a boon for business continuity. Machines and devices can malfunction any time of the day without any notice but with the right analysis of your historic data and training, chatbots can provide respite without any limitations. These days chatbots can attend to any number of low-hanging incidents, service requests, problems without human agents intervention. 

Taking care of repetitive questions such as password resets, instruction manuals, FAQs, and more which can lower the dependence on human customer support, further lowering staffing costs. And if at all, there is a complex issue that needs to be solved by human agents, easy but powerful integrations allow no ticket left unanswered. 

2. Chatbots can enhance your internal communication channels

Chatbots are smart enough to be integrated directly into your main systems – be it IT Helpdesk or your internal communication tools like Slack or Teams. 

Employees, in fact, do not even have to move from their system but simply make requests and report new issues using the slack channels. No more time consuming moving around from one system to another to troubleshoot password reset requests. 

3. Chatbots promote self-service with knowledge base articles

Knowledge Management is the key to efficient self-service. It helps mostly in ticket deflection by providing visitors with the right information instantly. Chatbots come in handy by providing accurate and self-resolution documents, forms, etc to interactively help customers troubleshoot their issues. 

If you are capturing your audience persona and identifying their needs,  a powerful chatbot platform like the HappyFox Chatbot can provide a resolution that is not just accurate but also quick through machine learning backed Natural Language Processing (NLP) and predefined set responses to drive conversations. This results in enhanced user experience and higher customer satisfaction due to the elimination of unnecessary phone wait times. 

4. Chatbots help in IT Asset Management

As businesses scale, keeping a track of its assets can prove cumbersome. Employees may request a new laptop today to the tech support while canceling their request for a new battery because it’s faulty. Multiply this with hundreds of employees, and you’d lose track of who wants what pretty soon. 

Chatbot comes in very handy in such situations. Enabling you to cut down on the back and forth by collecting all information about asset requests upfront, raising tickets can be easier now – right through your IT service desk with the automated workflows. Chatbots also allow employees to check real-time inventory levels before requesting something, further reducing redundant tickets.

5. Chatbots provide rich internal data and metrics

Companies are constantly on the lookout to optimize internal operations and provide exceptional customer experience – external AND internal. Keeping a tab on your tickets and consumer behavior is very important as it drives better control and governance of IT services being provided. 

The end-user data collected from chatbots and their analysis using powerful KPIs and metrics from reports and dashboards help organizations find patterns and take steps to break down service barriers, reducing inefficiencies and cost of delivering services through automation. 


The chatbot technology uses artificial intelligence to mimic human conversations. With the growth and maturity of these 24*7 virtual assistants, ITS has become less labor-intensive and chatbots will prove to be a leading force in the internal growth of organizations. Troubleshooting has never been easier! If you’re looking for ways to improve your IT service management, see how HappyFox Chatbots can help you automate and digitalize your ITSM strategy.