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Last Updated: April 7, 2021

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The Apple fell on us & we are ‘re’discovering Brevity!

The mobile help desk team of HappyFox was present at the recently concluded WWDC’2013 – World Wide Developers Conference that brought together the best iOS developers from across the world. The experience was simply invaluable, incredible and unforgettable.

So why was WWDC’2013 a big deal for a help desk company?

Apple’s design philosophy, one that has inspired HappyFox all along, in fact, has majorly driven my formative years as a coder. So, this ticks the box of passion. But why this year? Perfecting the mobile experience for HappyFox users is one of the key priorities of 2013. Hence, we chose to learn, share and ideate at WWDC’2013.DSC_0443

2013-06-10 12.03.00

The Atmosphere

In one word – “Electric”. 6000 developers from diverse backgrounds, from across the world. Five full days of sessions on technology that will change the way we think. To top it, limitless milkshakes. A conference couldn’t have gotten better.

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2013-06-10 12.06.12


We interacted directly with Apple engineers and got expert advice on leveraging iOS7 for our customer support app. The APIs released in iOS7 are going to open up a new class of apps in the coming months. UIKit Dynamics and TextKit were our favorites. This Apple iOS release stresses further on our goal to simplify our help desk application and make it easier for you, the user.

Impact on the roadmap

Simply put, we put the app in Apple. Meaning, if HappyFox was presenting extraordinary content on your iPhone or iPad, this gives us an opportunity to present it even more beautifully. Most developers we met hated the fact that they have to go out and re-design their apps to make them blend with iOS7 native UI. While that is true, it is a welcome nudge, as the current mindset towards app development highly focuses on rich ornamental UI rather than user’s content. Guess what, we are already starting to re-design our interface of the iOS help desk to adopt the new principles.

There will be a lot of fresh announcements from our team in this area. And you are going to love the convenience of your improved iOS help desk more than now. Check out some cool photos from the event, and while you’re at it, grab a milkshake!

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