HappyFox blog

New features and enhancements for September 2012

New features

  1. Tag auto suggestion(from existing tags) while adding new tags for tickets
  2. Sample smart rules, reports for new instances
  3. Sample My Queue conditions for any new helpdesk staff created
  4. More prominent display of highest priority and second highest priority in the instance, in the ticket box


  1. Added time spent and tags in canned actions form
  2. Associate logged in staff to new report creation form, by default
  3. Added activity log entry for message edited time
  4. Added ‘no-change’ option for ticket properties on Mass reply page
  5. Increased text type Custom fields to accept 200 characters
  6. If there is only one category in an instance, it will be auto selected in the new ticket form
  7. Removed “Create new ticket” link from Support center
  8. Caching counts for performance improvements
  9. Embedded new fonts within the application for performance improvements

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed bug where spaces were allowed in the Name field in the new ticket form
  2. Fixed bug where inactive staff names were shown in the assign to dropdown in the move ticket page
  3. Fixed bug where viewing or editing a report containing a Custom field as condition would crash when the custom field type is changed
  4. Fixed bug where editing a smart rule was not possible in Internet Explorer
  5. Fixed bug in Reports (line charts) where the number of tickets was being hidden