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October 2013 updates – Transformation season

This is October’s feast for you. Following the cool new features rolled out in September, October brings about some really significant updates that will enrich your HappyFox experience from Sunday the 27th.

On account of this, your HappyFox account will be down for maintenance on Saturday (26 Sep 2013)/ Sunday (27 Sep 2013) at the following time.

The scheduled downtime will be between:

7.30 PM – 10.30 PM PST on Saturday, Oct 26, 2013
2:30 AM – 5:30 AM GMT on Sunday, Oct 27, 2013
8:00 AM – 11:00 AM IST on Sunday, Oct 27, 2013

Here’s a quick look at what the October release will bring to make the lives of your customers and support staff easier.

The Game Changers

User interface changes


  • SAML support – Integration with Onelogin
  • Google Single Sign on – Use your Google Apps accounts to sign in to HappyFox


  • API end-points to feed your reports into an application of your choice


  • HappyFox mobile app for Windows


Performance Improvements

  • Mailreceiver enhancements


  • Custom fields enhancements, in report-export where custom field values are exported
  • Excel export related enhancements – upport more recent versions of Excel

Conditions engine

  • New condition available in Smart Rules, SLA and Reports – Number of ticket updates (only includes staff and customer messages)
  • New condition available in Reports – (Updated by staff)

Ticket view

  • Links shown in the ticket detail page now open in a new tab. Available both in staff panel and customer panel
  • New column – Created On now available as a configurable option in the compact view of tickets list
  • Customer group name now displayed in ticket box along with customer email ID

Bug Fixes

  • JIRA Integration Bug fix – Character encoding issues to support integration between JIRA and HappyFox
  • Fixed bug where same holiday could not be added to two work schedules
  • Changes made in billing related workflows to handle changes in Chargify
  • Bug fix for regex for pattern matching to display hyper-links for Text type Custom fields in the ticket detail page, when present
  • Fixed bug when there was an error thrown when a client logged in using LDAP (HDP only)
  • Fixed bug where unintentional attachments were accessible via the URL on the customer panel
  • Fixed bug when a report is cloned and changing the conditions of cloned reports affected the original report data too
  • Fixed bug on Dashboard, where the critical tickets count was being wrongly displayed
  • Fixed bug in advanced search where text type custom fields search was not showing results
  • Fixed bug in Reports conditions, where it was not possible to choose tags or values of a multiple option custom field as a condition