5 Ways of Increasing Live Chat Adoption for Customer Support

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

So you have taken the leap and decided to support your customers in real-time over live chat. That’s a great move. Stats from CrazyEgg reveal that 38% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company if they offer live chat support. 

Your goal now is to get the most out of your investment and create a better user experience so that they always reach out to you on the best support channel – Live chat. Before we find ways to improve live chat adoption, let’s first understand it’s meaning.

What is live chat adoption?

Live chat adoption refers to acceptance and extensive usage of live chat for answering customer questions in a jiffy. Live chat adoption is a win-win for both your support agents and customers. Every change takes some training time and learning curve. Live chat also requires a well-crafted path for quick adoption.

This post talks about five simple ways of helping your customers and chat agents with live chat adoption:

Add live chat on your website and within your product

The first and very obvious step is to have your live chat widget installed on your website. Make sure the look and feel of the live chat is customized to look attractive and match your brand color codes.

Live chat widget can be positioned in such a way that it’s prominent to the users and at the same time not too disturbing while navigation. Right bottom is the most common position used by brands but it might require A/B testing to figure out what’s the best position for your brand.

If you are a product company, it’s a great strategy to showcase live chat within your web application. This will help boost customer confidence while they are exploring the app and thus increase conversion rate.

Integrate With Your Favourite Business Apps

Serving customers in silos doesn’t leave a great impression. They have to repeat their queries from where they last left off. Integrating with different apps for Help desk, Social media, E-commerce, etc. provides great customer experience and gives agents context to troubleshoot customer issues almost instantly.

Live chat integration is beneficial for both your agents and customers and will foster online chat adoption.

Reduce response time and increase live chat fondness

If there is one parameter that can satisfy customer expectations, response time will be the one. The probability of live chat adoption is directly proportional to the reduction in response time. Live chat has time and again proven to be faster and more satisfactory than other communication channels like email support, phone support, and social media.

Leveraging live chat features like canned responses, live typing preview, shortcodes or commands, attachments, etc. can power up the chat session with customers.

To top it all, chatbots can prove to be a game-changer in deflecting common queries(FAQs) and help live chat agents handle complex questions thereby reducing response time. Self-Service is another booming channel that customers prefer these days, chatbots can make self-service seamless and interactive.

Train your support team to build rapport with customers

Your agents need to give 100% to your customers while on chat. There is a constant pressure to resolve customer queries ASAP. 

At HappyFox, we have seen customers writing an appreciation note about support reps out of the satisfactory customer service they receive. This customer loyalty comes with empathy and training, along with a carved out support process that works for your business. 

Your customer service team has a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. Service agents are the face of your brand and values. So make sure you give them all-round training and monitor it continuously. The better the service, the better the stickiness of your customers with live chat.

Proactive Chat and Triggered Chat

It’s possible that your website visitors do not reach out unless they face some blockers. With proactive chat, your agents can send a chat request to customers by predicting their intent and surprise them, thereby increasing sales and customer satisfaction. 

Huge volume of visitor traffic on your website is the best opportunity to strike a conversation and improve conversion rate, triggered chat can help you automate messages to your website visitors based on the page URL, time spent and other parameters.

The last word

Live chat adoption is now in demand with the advent of Covid-19 and work from home culture. Live chat helps you to displace the call center setup and helps your agents to work on the go. At HappyFox, we have built HappyFox Live chat software that is super intuitive and needs less to no training time to get started. These are some simple steps that can be followed, and your journey from live chat adoption to live chat success is not far away.