Automatic Ticket Assignment – A Step Closer to Faster Customer Support

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

Ticket assignment is one of the simplest yet essential steps to handle and close tickets in a help desk. Your support team can assign tickets manually, but that might result in a higher wait time of the ticket in the unassigned queue. Even worse, a high priority ticket might get missed to be assigned on time and hence breach a Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Here is the solution – Automatic Ticket Assignment. Auto Assignment is a feature that helps you automate the process of assigning incoming tickets to the agents in a given team or department.

How does Automatic Ticket Assignment work in HappyFox Help Desk?

When tickets are assigned automatically, we need to clearly define the conditions for routing the ticket to the specific agents. For example, for an IT Service Desk, a troubleshooting query can be handled only by a group of highly skilled technicians, and hence the automatic assignment should happen to any agent belonging to that group. This grouping is termed as a Category in HappyFox. There is a provision to auto-assign tickets based on Categories in HappyFox Help Desk. 

Here’s a video for a quick watch on the entire flow of setting up Auto Assignment in HappyFox:

Different Ways of Auto Assigning Tickets in HappyFox

As shown in the video, HappyFox Help Desk offers three types of Automatic ticket assignment to cover various scenarios:

  • Round Robin – This auto-assignment lets you automatically assign agents to tickets belonging to a certain category through an algorithm that aims to distribute ticket assignment in a circular fashion to the agents.
  • Round Robin based on Active Agents – This auto-assignment triggers when the following two conditions match: First is the agent availability, and second is the number of tickets assigned to him doesn’t exceed the throttle limit. This ensures that the agent is not assigned tickets when they are offline or when they are loaded with more tickets.
  • Round Robin on Active Agents with Load Balance – The algorithm will check for agents who are available at the time, and will distribute tickets based on their current load. Agent load is calculated as a ratio of their current assigned pending tickets to their Agent Throttle Limit.

Apart from the above, you can also exclude tickets having a particular status from the Round Robin assignment. Now that you have got so much clarity on auto-assignment, you might be wondering, with the inflow of tickets up to the throttle limit, what happens to the new tickets or unattended tickets when an agent is logging-out? HappyFox Help Desk makes sure all the unread tickets can be unassigned through a prompt that shows up when an agent is logging out. By un-assigning the tickets, you are again making them available for Round Robin. This saves First Response Time(FRT) and Average Response Time(ART) from shooting up.

So as you can see, auto-assignment is a smart way to improve your support team’s efficiency. With Automatic Ticket Assignment, you can make your support agents accountable for a ticket and reduce the overall wait time of the customer. Do you think this could be implemented in your support process as well? Give HappyFox Help Desk Software a spin. Get a one-on-one demo with our product expert now!