4 Benefits of Choosing the RIGHT Helpdesk Software

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

Building – and maintaining – good relationships with customers is the key ingredient in customer retention. While a stellar product or service is the reason they became customers in the first place, it’s what’s done AFTER the sale that will determine whether they pledge their loyalty to you or jump ship and head off to one of your competitors.

If customer retention is at the top of your priority list, keep reading since by the end of this article, you’ll quickly discover why using the RIGHT helpdesk software can make a world of difference to your customers… and your bottom line.

BENEFIT 1: Quick Response Times

How important customers think they are to a company is closely related to how quickly and consistently that company responds to their needs. Business’s that use helpdesk software like HappyFox say that they are able to respond to nearly all customer-generated support tickets within two hours. This type of response time makes customers feel as though the company is serious about helping them get the most out of their products or services. This good impression will, in turn, predispose them towards a more positive provider-customer relationship.

BENEFIT 2: Complete Branding

To most of your customers, having a different brand on your helpdesk isn’t very professional since it makes it seem as though the customer isn’t directly interacting with you, but that you’ve asked someone else to handle their concerns, even if that isn’t the case at all. How can you realistically expect to build warm and fuzzy customer relationships when that’s how your helpdesk software is making people feel?

Helpdesk software like HappyFox allows for complete customization and branding, so that it maintains your brand consistency, even if you actually do use a 3rd party provider to handle support tickets. You’ll be sending a message to your customers that they matter and that your customer is willing and able to go the distance to “personally” addresses their concerns.

BENEFIT 3: Convenience

Customers have different preferences as it relates to how they interact with customer support representatives. Some prefer email while younger generations like social media. Using helpdesk software that can accommodate these preferences demonstrates to your customers that you truly care about them and want to make the support process as easy and painless as possible. This helps to foster good customer relationships, which in turn can boost company growth. In fact, a 2013 study by Aberdeen found that companies with social helpdesks grew two to three times faster than companies that did not.

BENEFIT 4: Multilingual Capability

Globalization has dramatically changed the business landscape over the past several decades, which is why the best helpdesk software is multilingual. Companies with a global reach, or planning to go global, can leverage this feature to better serve customers by interacting with them in their native languages. Businesses in the United States with a diverse customer base should also take advantage of this feature as a way of demonstrating an unwavering commitment to providing the best customer service possible.

Helpdesk software is important for customer retention. Great customer support software, however, will leave an impressive lasting impression on your customers that won’t waver a few hours – or even a few days – after the support ticket has been resolved.

Is your helpdesk software equipped with all the bells and whistles listed here? How is your business building better relationships with your customers? How does your customer support team facilitate good customer relationships?

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