How HappyFox helps you build a Smart Customer Service Culture

Last Updated: April 4, 2021

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We often keep hearing the word ‘Customer Service Culture’ a lot and yet we never give too much attention to it. Zeithaml and Bitner(2003) define service culture as

“Culture where an appreciation for good service exists, and where giving good service to internal as well as ultimate, external customers is considered a natural way of life and one of the most important norms by everyone.”

Today, building a Customer Service Culture is one of the key focus areas for companies around the globe. A good customer service culture is established when you motivate your support agents and your sales staff to position their work in such a way that the customer is always given top priority. All the other employees also have to contribute in enabling the same.

The tool behind the culture

It is said that a sword makes half the warrior. Similarly, a good customer service software is required to help an organization build a smart customer service culture. A good support software should not only enable support agents to deliver exceptional customer service, but should help them appreciate the process, automate, optimize and evolve in a manner that builds a strong and customer-centric service culture for the entire organization.

HappyFox as a customer service enabler

HappyFox helps translate a company’s established customer service goals, ideas, values and vision into action. If you believe in having customer service as your USP, you need an appropriate help desk that helps you provide such exceptional customer service. The reason for HappyFox being a step ahead of its competitors is that it is a lot more than just a customer service tool. The features in HappyFox are designed for all things customer service.

1. Organize support – Everything in its place

HappyFox is a multi-channel help desk, which means your support can be divided across a number of channels like mail, voice and live-chat and you will still be able to sort all your tickets from one common help desk.

By staying on top of tickets via all forms of communication, you can be sure that your customer service experience is always prioritized, prompt and perfect. Also support through multi channels help your teams offer a seamless experience to your customers irrespective of where they contact you from.

2. Customer service process automation

Any organization keen on making a strong customer service culture, has to appreciate the importance of process automation. With HappyFox’s automation tools, you can automate tedious, mundane and repetitive tasks while also freeing up your support agents so that they can spend time in solving your customers most business critical problems without distraction.

3, A thorough Knowledge base to enable unambiguous communication

The biggest advantage of a good knowledge base is that it empowers customers to get self-service for their issues. This stresses the importance of having a clear communication channel for your customers. The HappyFox Support Center is a completely customizable portal for all your customers to find self-support articles. This reduces your incoming tickets and is also eliminates the hassles of having to call or mail the support desk.

4. Prioritize Customer service tasks

Every customer is equally important, but at times some issues can be of a lot more priority than the others. HappyFox understands your urgency and with the help of email notifications, your staff members will always know be notified about changes in ticket statuses, replies from customers etc, so that no customer is left uninformed or unattended to.

When developing service culture, the key is to make sure that tickets are addressed on time. HappyFox SLA management lets you set strict SLAs for your tickets, so that not only tickets are being resolved on time, but your support agents are encouraged to improve their quality of work and thereby, the service culture in the organization.

5. Gather customer feedback

Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence – only in constant improvement and constant changeTom Peters

The best course of action for your product/company is determined by understanding whether your goals are aligned with customer expectations. Therefore, you need constant feedback to trigger the constant improvement. HappyFox has some useful feedback integrations like Survey Monkey and NiceReply to gather customer feedback after resolving tickets, so you can improve on your support process.

6. Measure, Analyze and Strategize

Another important aspect of improvement is to quantify and qualify your support process to understand problem areas. Help desk reports play a crucial role in giving periodic overviews of your support to let you know the areas that require your immediate attention. By measuring and analyzing support with HappyFox Help desk reporting, you can plan and strategize for the future, while continuously striving to eliminate the pain points.

7. Optimize, Improve and Innovate

Optimizing your support process will reduce the time and money invested in support, while also opening up avenues for your support staff to innovate. HappyFox is a completely customizable help desk that offers an array of options for innovative workflows, automated replies etc., so that your support is smooth, seamless and simple.

8. Performance Management in support

A great tool can still only do so much for you. If you want to be known for the best customer service culture, you need to bring it out of your employees as well. HappyFox help desk reports can also be customized to track agent performance. This provides the necessary insight for you to set standards, revise targets, conduct appraisals and give constructive feedback based on data to improve support staff performance.

Take a look at HappyFox’s key features to know more about what it takes to build a smart customer service culture at your organization.