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Enhance your Customer support. With the power of Screencasts

Note: This integration is no longer available because Screenr was shut down on November 12, 2015.

Effective communication is very important for customer support. Pages of content with plenty of screenshots, while helpful, may not be the optimal method to explain to a customer how a feature/product works.

HappyFox with its vision of providing simple yet effective customer support, introduces its latest integration with Screenr. With this integration, you can replace the pages of work instructions with a simple and effective screencast video recorded, customized and edited right from within the HappyFox ticket.

How screencasts help?

Screencast makes for easy instructional videos. Use Screenr integration to create videos and eliminate the need for the customer to come back to you with queries.

* Reduce the need for having repeated conversations with customers

* Create instructional videos that can be easily understood by all

* Save time for both customers and agents

It is easy to add a screencast video?

Adding videos has never been easier. All you have to do is click the ‘Record Screencast’ button above your ticket reply/forum post and it will automatically begin recording. Position, record, upload and embed the link in your reply; all within minutes.

Who can use Screencast integration?

For making screencast videos, you need a Screenr account.

Encourage both your customers and staff to create screencasts for their issues and explanations and enrich your company’s customer service experience. Read more about the HappyFox-Screenr integration here.