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Creating a self service help desk using the Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base : A special kind of database for knowledge management, providing the means for the computerized collection, organization, and retrieval of knowledge” – Wikipedia

HappyFox allows you to achieve this, by creating and managing an online repository of information that your customers can access.

The presence of a Knowledge Base serves as a powerful online reference medium for your customers to consult, prior to even submitting a request.By categorizing various aspects of your support services into identifiable sections on the Knowledge Base, your customers can intuitively locate articles that are relevant to the type of issue they’re facing.

Effective technical documentation and support oriented articles can be built using a rich text editor, that allows you to make use of multiple media sources.

Insert images and video to create step by step troubleshooting guides. If you’re well versed in HTML, make use of the HTML editor to build a more customized article, pulling in references from other web sources.

The Knowledge Base is available on all HappyFox plans. Click here to sign up for your own HappyFox account. (If you already have an active account, log into your admin interface and click on the Knowledge Base tab to get started)