Product Roadmap – Vote for your Favourite Features in HappyFox!

Last Updated: April 7, 2021

Listening to customer feedback is vital to the success of any organization. At HappyFox, we always put the customer first. And this extends beyond providing support for queries and issues.

Using forums to gather feedback and take note of feature requests from customers is something that numerous organizations and products do. The idea is pretty mainstream, and these forums really don’t convey if/when would be available to the customers and what’s planned for the near future.

What happens when HappyFox decides to take a spin at the idea? Well, you get the HappyFox Product Roadmap – our commitment to staying transparent to our customers about what we are building.

Know what’s in Development!

The HappyFox product roadmap is an in-app dashboard that allows you to not only see but also vote on

  1. The features actively being developed by the HappyFox team
  2. Features planned for future releases
  3. Recently rolled-out features

You can easily access the roadmap by logging in to your HappyFox account and clicking the roadmap icon on top right of the page.

Product Roadmap

Knowing the popularity of planned features helps us prioritize them. In return, you get the features you want, released even faster! What’s even better? You can even get a sneak-peek into how the completed feature would look through the prototype screens. It’s literally like looking into the future of HappyFox 🙂

Make your Voice Heard!

We are proud of being customer-centric and the Product Roadmap feature allows us to pay close attention to what our customers want. Our support team receives numerous feature requests from our customers. The product roadmap includes these requests along with new ideas from our product team. Customers can vote on their favorites, look at what’s popular with others and get an idea about all the new functionality that will be added in future releases.

Planned Features

The Product Roadmap Impact

Since debuting the Roadmap dashboard, we have

Released Feature - Recurring Tickets

During the development of these features, we’ve incorporated numerous suggestions and ideas from our customers – all courtesy of the Product Roadmap. By having clear visibility into our development process, our customers were able to let us know what they wanted. Additionally, it has helped our product teams vet numerous ideas and prioritize them based on customer feedback. 

The Product Roadmap dashboard has not only helped us understand our customers’ needs better but also involve them in the process of improving HappyFox! If you have an idea that’ll improve your HappyFox experience, feel free to schedule a demo with our product experts 🙂