How to Create Animated GIFs for your Knowledge Base Articles

Videos are essential to give your customer more clarity about your product. In an earlier post, we described creating knowledge base videos in 6 easy steps. But it is not possible to create videos for all your Knowledge Base articles either because the small step doesn’t require an entire video or because the article is just not worthy of a video (We’re joking 😋, you’re article is great! 🤘) Don’t worry. There is something that we all are aware of and would solve all your problems. Presenting to you, 

Cute Kittens. Sorry, we meant Animated GIFs (or JIFs, if that’s what you want to call it). GIFs are nothing but a bunch of images that keep looping continuously and help cat memes dominate social media. Also, it leaves you the hassle of recording audio! Phew!

Why are GIFs important?

GIFs are essential if your requirement floats in the sweet space between the simpleness of an image and the complexity of a video. Basically, if you want to represent a few actions in your article, that would either require a series of images or a 6-second video (nobody likes 6-second videos unless you’re in 2012 and have just discovered Vine). If you’re in such a space a GIF would be “the one” for your article!

Now, we don’t know if you trust us with our advice. So below, you’ll find a string of GIFs that have been used by leading companies to display simple steps in their product.

Here’s an example of HappyFox’s use of GIF to show how to make most of their (our 😉) product using App Suggestions:

Another example: Wrike using a GIF to showcase their Dashboard.

Another example (We’re trying really hard to make you trust us): Aircall using a GIF to show how to create a team:

How to Create Animated GIFs?

Aah! The trust spell has worked. Now that you want to create GIFs of your product to put it on your article, we’re going to teach you how to (Because that’s what friends do!) There are many ways you can create GIFs. You can create your GIFs from a string of images, videos, or even record it from your screen! It’s getting exciting, isn’t it? Let’s start.

Record your screen to a GIF directly!

Alright, you don’t have photos, videos, or a YouTube URL that you want to make GIF-files of. Instead, you want to record something straight from your screen. Doing that is very easy also! There are various applications like LICEcap and GIPHY Capture that allow you to do it. But because GIPHY Capture is only for Mac, we’re going to show you how to create GIFs using LICEcap.

  1. Open LICEcap and resize your frame. Make sure you get everything you want to record and nothing you don’t. Then click on the ‘Record’ button.
  1. Enter a file name and click save. Your recording has begun!
  1. Do your actions precisely and at such a pace that your customer can see exactly where the action is happening. Once you’re done, click on ‘Stop’!

  • Our GIF is ready! Woohoo!

Converting images to a GIF

Your existing Knowledge Base Article must already have a string of still images or screenshot PNGs in them, and it’s easy to replace them with a GIF. A lot of articles through your Google search would suggest creating GIFs using Adobe Photoshop, but that is expensive and time-consuming and so we have an alternative. We have images for “How to create a new filter in HappyFox”, and we’re going to convert the image files to our own GIF. Here’s how.

  1. Go to EZGIF GIF Creator and upload your images. Make sure they’re named in sequence. After they’re uploaded, click on ‘Upload and make a GIF’.
  1. After uploading, you can drag and adjust the frames if you messed up. You can also play with the various options, like how we added a delay to our last image. After you’re done editing, click on the ‘Make a GIF’ button and save the GIF! And… you’re done! Pretty simple?
  • Here’s our final GIF!

There, your images are now a GIF! A real 2 step process ain’t it?

Converting a video to a GIF

If you have a video file that is already recorded and you need to convert the recording to a GIF, it is pretty easy and also makes a lesser file size than a high-quality video. Here, we have a 6-second video of changing metrics in one of HappyFox’s Reports. It’s a super-easy 2-step process to convert your video to a GIF.

  1. Go to EZGIF GIF Creator and Upload your video.
  1. Poof! It will convert it for you, and you just have to save it!
  • Here’s our Final GIF!

Converting a YouTube video to a GIF

Now, for example, you have created a really cool marketing video like we made this, and you want to create a GIF of that. We’ll help you (The friendship is real)

  1. Copy the URL of your video from the web browser and paste it on the GIPHY GIF Maker page.
  1. Trim your video and set the start time. Click on ‘Continue to Decorate’

3. You can even add captions, stickers, filters, or even draw on your GIF! After you’re done, click on Upload to GIPHY.

  1. After it has uploaded, Right-click on the GIF to save it as a GIF. You’re Done!
  • Here is our final GIF!

Now that you have awesome animated GIFs for your articles, you deserve an amazing Helpdesk that has a Support center that is beautiful and customizable. *Abracadabra, poof 🔥🎩* you deserve HappyFox Helpdesk! Sign Up for a one-on-one Demo today!

P.S. Don’t ask us how we made a GIF of the GIF Maker making GIFs! That’s the Power of Magic *Abracadabra* 🎩😉

  • Chintan is a Video Producer at HappyFox and a big fan of comedy. Chintan also types a lot in the third person.