How to Measure the Success of Live Chat on Your Site?

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

Live Chat Success, in simple words, is what customers get from the live chat software: sales, revenue or customer loyalty. Whatever be your goal, you need to monitor the right metrics to achieve it. Live chat software is like your organization’s eyes and ears that can quickly gather customer feedback and pain points for you to act.

Here at HappyFox, we are heavy users of our live chat software to support our customers. We have collated many tools, tips, and tricks for measuring live chat success that we found is important, simple and yet overlooked by many businesses. 

KPIs to Measure Live Chat Success

“A satisfied customer is the best strategy of all”

  Michael LeBoeuf

Performance Metrics

Measuring your chat’s performance can indicate how quickly you can help customers and how happy your website visitors are with your live chat support. 

The following are key performance metrics that you can monitor:

Satisfaction Rating – Everyday chat conversations can provide hints on how customers feel about the service provided. Collecting chat ratings or feedback right after completing chat is a great metric to measure customer satisfaction.

First Response Time – Customer patience is finite. As the name suggests, the first response time is not the resolution time but the time taken to attend to a customer and provide them the “first sign of relief.” The lower the fist response time, the better it is. HappyFox Chat provides the average first response time measure right within the reports section in the chat dashboard.

Average Response Time – Every time you respond to your customer, the wait time or the response time taken for the reply is measured under response time. The cumulative time difference between every message of the client and agent is calculated as average response time.

If you have chatbots integrated to your live chat, then your response times will reduce drastically. They can handle huge volumes of queries simultaneously with no lag in response time.

Activity Metrics

Activity Metrics gives you an idea about chat traffic on your website and helps understand how actively we are providing live chat support to our customers. Agent performance clubbed with chat activity can help strengthen your strategy for live chat success.

Following are chat activity, key performance indicators that you can monitor:

Number of chats – Are you getting a regular inflow of chats? The total Number of chats tells how busy your live chat is. It also gives an idea if you have enough live chat agents to handle the chat volume. Good live chat software provides reports to understand the total chats and reason out any fluctuation in the chat volume.

Missed Chats – This metric is also an important indicator of how many chats are being missed and at what point during the day. It helps us organize the team better and make sure not many chats are missed.

Average Chat Duration – The faster you complete chats, the more the chats you can handle. Live chat offers a lot of features that can help agents close chats within a few mins. Save time for your agents and customers alike. Though this metric doesn’t indicate the quality of chats, it is good to understand how fast you are serving your customers. 

A careful amalgamation of performance and activity KPIs can help the operations team align the customer support team in the right direction.

Conversion Rate

How did live chat improve conversions or influence sales? The answer to this question plays a significant role in Live Chat’s success. We highlight this metric as a separate topic cause this is the ultimate goal that a business wants to attain with Live Chat.

Measure Goals and Chat Events with Google Analytics

Have you integrated Google Analytics with your live chat solution? If not, then you should know the benefits of integrating chat with Google Analytics.

Live chat success is when visitors turn into customers after having a chat conversation. Google Analytics lets you measure the following KPIs easily:

  • Percentage of users visiting your website or store and complete a goal (purchase, sign-up, etc.)
  • Percentage of users who chat with you and complete a goal
  • Percentage of users who see a triggered chat and complete a goal

So how do you go about doing this setup with Google Analytics? You need to first integrate your live chat with GA. HappyFox Chat lets you set chat events in Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager. You will then see chat events recording in real-time event reports in analytics. 

To track event-based conversions, you can go to the audience reports and add Events in the Secondary Dimension to see how various chat events lead to conversion as shown in the screenshot below.

For an e-commerce store, you can set goals as product checkout pages and measure how much percentage of chat visitors bought products from your store.

CRM Integration with Live chat –  Measure and Score chat leads 

All the efforts taken to get traffic on the website need to be channelized for marketing efforts for online businesses. An excellent channel for the chat visitors is your CRM. 

If your live chat integrates with your Business CRM, you can get leads into the CRM after chatting with customers and score your leads. It’s a cost-efficient and effective channel to improve sales and boost customer service to develop profitable customer relationships.

The Last Word

Defining what success means for your business is important to monitor the important metrics that matter to you. We listed some of the key metrics that are usually in-built in live chat solution and some that you can use with live chat integrations. So are you ready to track you live chat metrics and make your business successful?