Introducing HappyFox Multi Brand Help desk

Last Updated: April 4, 2021

HappyFox blog

The HappyFox knowledge base and support center were built primarily with the intention of simplifying customer service.

We, here at HappyFox, believe that the best way to provide customer support is not just by having a great support agent squad, but by having a great self-support service. If a customer is able to resolve his problems without having to pick up his phone or typing out a mail, you can be sure that the customer is going to be a walking advocate for your product.

Where the multi-brand help desk matters

Over 70% of our customers had more than one brand on their shelf and they were using HappyFox for their customer support. Imagine you had a hair dryer, a trimmer and a curling iron in your product shelf and a customer has an issue with your dryer. Even with a robust support center, your customer will have to browse through all the trimmer and curling iron related articles to find the right one for his dryer.

Instead, imagine a situation where you can have a customized support center for the hair dryer, with the branding, images and content on the support center focused only on that product. This simplifies the self-support process for your customer and also saves him a lot of time.

Expanding the multi-brand concept

Your support centers need not necessarily just be for multiple brands. If your company is spread across various geographies or provides different types of services, you can have one catering to each geography/service too. The added scope a multi-brand help desk provides is your ability to categorize and segregate the content for different brands. The best part about the whole deal is, you can do it all from one help desk.

How to switch to multi-brand

Moving to a multi brand style of self-support has never been easier. All you have do is go to Manage -> Multi brand and create the various brands you need and associate them with the appropriate categories. Then, you can go to those specific pages and deck them with the images, logos and content of your choice.

Because you are creating multiple brands from one help desk, your tickets will still continue to stay organized as categories, while your content can be distributed in a brand-specific manner across various customized support centers for your customers’ convenience. Go ahead and make use of this brand new feature to provide better support to your customers, increase recall value for your brands and also simplify the work of your support staff with the HappyFox multi brand help desk.