Lessons in Customer Support: EA Games

Last Updated: April 4, 2021

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This article is part of our Lessons in Customer Support series. You can learn more about how companies, large and small, handled their customer service issues here.

The tallest trees catch the most wind

EA is good at making amends. Apparently, the company is equally adept at admitting their shortcomings and offering ways to fix them for good.

In an industry buoyed by rampant piracy, licensing issues and DRM troubles, keeping customers happy all the time isn’t going to be smooth sailing for a company the size of EA. Despite that, they have shown the willingness to openly admit their flaws and engaged the customer base explaining their side of the story.

On top of cooling down the vocal, disgruntled customer base, the candidness of EA has ensured a massive PR win for their team. Being open and frank with your customers does have its merits!

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