Lessons in Customer Support: EA Games

Last Updated: March 31, 2021

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EA: Big Goof Up, But a Great Follow Up

Video game enthusiasts are always complaining about how draconian the licensing and activation procedures are. The biggest game studio of the lot is EA and they usually have the biggest share of customer gripes as well. Over the weekend, the company by mistake sent out coupon codes to everyone in the mailing list instead of just to the ones who volunteered for answering a survey.

To top that, the coupon codes allowed people to download all the games from the server instead of limiting them to only one per code. It took EA 18 hours to realize the problem and they finally disabled all the codes. So, even legitimate customers who didn’t get a chance to use the code were denied access. Predictably, a pandemonium ensued.

Usually, it might take company the size of EA days or weeks to get back to community with a fix or a workaround. This time around, EA swiftly rose up to the occasion, apologized for the mistake and promised deserving customers a new code over the next few days.

There is nothing like a better, faster response to your customers. And, EA gets the crown this week for just that!

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