Live Chat for Shopify Stores : Scale Your Support and Sales

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

Have you ever entered a brick and mortar retail store and ended up purchasing some additional products apart from the planned ones? I am sure most of us have had such experiences. The reasons could be due to an offer going on or a recommendation by the sales representatives in the store. With the advent of e-commerce and people preferring the comfort of their homes to buy products, how do online stores ensure the level of personal support they’ve come to expect from brick and mortar stores? E-commerce Live Chat Software in your Shopify store seems to be the best candidate for this.

The Consumer’s Dilemma While Making Purchases Online

One of the best ways to engage customers in online stores is by providing guidance to them via a real-time Live Chat Support. Let’s see an example of how a customer purchases a product in an e-commerce store. John wants to purchase a school bag for his kid. He is specific about the material, color, and brand. He finds a few matches to his query, but either the cost, color or the brand fails to match his choice. He is in a dilemma and leaves the store.

Imagine the same situation with only one change; your store now has a live chat. When an agent finds that John is on a page for more than 2 mins, the live agent strikes a conversation with him. He immediately gets to understand his requirements and guides him on the product search filters to get the apt product in the store. Checkout done, deal closed. This is how impactful it is for merchants to integrate live chat on their Shopify store. Live Chat app helps you address the urgency of the customer in the buying journey.

You need a live chat software that integrates with shopify, budget friendly and maximizes profit such as HappyFox live chat software. Also see our blog post on Top 10 live chat softwares for your website to find the best live chat for your team. This blog talks about HappyFox Chat features that you can best utilize to scale your online business and delight your customers. 

HappyFox Chat Features that Enhance Customer Support in your Store

Shopify Integration: Get context on the order details of the store visitors

Your customer comes to your store enquiring about the status of a particular order. If your live chat wasn’t integrated with Shopify, your agent would have to manually check the order details of the customer in your store backend and get back to chat with him. But with HappyFox Chat, upon getting the customer’s email address, he can see all the details of his past Shopify orders right within the chat window and save time. Not only this but with Shopify Integration, you can :

  • View the order history of the website visitors as you chat.
  • See the order’s status, items, and quantities in the visitor information box.
  • Fetch shopping cart details of the visitor on your Shopify store.
  • See the chat history of the customer.

Canned Responses & Live Typing Preview: Improve Response Times

Automation is the key to reduce support response time.Creating Canned Responses for customer FAQs can reduce your response time drastically. The Live Typing Preview feature, on the other hand, can help your agents see what the visitor is typing even before he has sent the message. This lets you prepare your reply in advance and delight your customers.

Chat Routing: Divide the workload, support hundreds of store visitors promptly.

Your e-commerce store might have concentrated traffic on specific days/months/hours. You need to ensure that your store customers are served in the best way like on normal days. This is possible with the Automatic Chat Routing feature in HappyFox Chat which ensures that your agents will be assigned a uniform number of concurrent chats. Chatbots can also be effective in deflecting chats and supporting customers 24/7.

Live Chat Features That Can Boost your Sales

Pre-Chat Form – Get visitor details and build a marketing list

HappyFox Chat widget lets you have a pre-chat form to capture important details of your store visitors so you can serve them better. Moreover, this lets your marketing team build a list over time and get them to convert in the long run.

Triggered Chat – Engage a Visitor based on his activity on the site

Once you integrate Live Chat with your Shopify Store, there is plenty you can do. Triggered chat lets your support team trigger and initiate a chat based on certain conditions like page visited, product interest, location of the visitor, time spent on a particular page, and so on. It lets you target the right user at the right time and ensures a great shopping experience and reduces abandoned cart.

Proactive Chat – Give smart offers and increase sales conversion rates.

Like we spoke about recommendations by sales representatives in brick and mortar stores, proactive chat is the virtual sales representative that recommends or initiates conversation with your site visitors based on context like their location, product pages viewed, time on site, etc. Your live chat agents can see the visitors on the website at any given time and choose to engage in a conversation or provide an offer based on the page visits by the customer.

So, don’t wait. Integrate HappyFox Chat to your Shopify Store today. It’s super easy to integrate, just install the plugin and get going with all the features listed above. Get a free 14-day trial to evaluate HappyFox Chat yourself.