How to Set Up Live Chat For WooCommerce

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

WooCommerce is one of the most popular ecommerce solutions for WordPress. After setting up your WooCommerce store you need an add-on like live chat to provide real-time customer support, build trust and bring return visitors to your store. Here are the top 5 reasons to integrate live chat with WooCommerce.

In order to choose the best live chat to integrate with WooCommerce we have handpicked 10 best live chat softwares. Now the question is: How can you get live chat up and running on your online store? To answer this, we’ve put together a tutorial on setting up HappyFox Live Chat with WooCommerce.

HappyFox Chat + WooCommerce Integration Highlights

By integrating WooCommerce with HappyFox Chat your live chat agents can now do the following actions from right within the agent chat window :

  1. View the Order Details of the customer.
  2. View the Live Cart Information of the visitor.
  3. View the Guest Order Details of the customer.
  4. View the product page visits of website visitors.
  5. See the chat history of the customer.

Before you begin the setup, you need to ensure you have connected your WooCommerce account with HappyFox Chat. You will now be able to see the chat widget on your WooCommerce website.

Now you are all set to take up your first chat with your customer. Here are some simple steps that can get your set up working perfectly.

Steps to Set Up HappyFox Live Chat for WooCommerce

Step 1: Set up your Pre-chat form

To start chatting with your customers, you can first set up a pre-chat form. This form helps you collect information about your store visitor before he gets to chat with your support team. The primary contact information fields in HappyFox Chat are Name, Email, and Phone number. In-built fields like Departments can also be utilized to route chats to agents belonging to a  specific department.

Once you collect the email address of the customer, the integration between WooCommerce and HappyFox Chat fetches the order history and live cart details of the customer.

Step 2: Enable order history

When you link your WooCommerce account, you can choose to show the order history and cart information to your agents. By enabling both the settings as shown in the image, HappyFox Chat will fetch the past orders and live cart details of the visitor who initiates a chat. 

Step 3: View the order history of the website visitors as you chat.

You should now start seeing the order history or live cart details of the visitors in the chat box during a chat. Upon clicking a specific order, you can also see details like the order id, shipping and billing address, number of items purchased, and payment status of the order.

Your agents can further drill down on the items and see the item name,  quantity and price. Support on the go by avoiding back and forth between the store login and live chat, thereby enriching the customer experience.

Step 4: Do a test run to check if the integration is working fine

Finally, do a test chat as a visitor from your website. Enter your contact details in the pre-chat form and check if your sample past orders or cart information are getting populated on the chat dashboard. 

That’s it! You are all set to get the most out of your live chat widget. Start improving your website conversion rates today. Get to know what HappyFox Live Chat Software can do for your WooCommerce store by signing up for a free 14-day trial and enjoy our unlimited agent pricing on all plans.