6 Secret Strategies to Quick Ticket Resolution

Some people say that having a particular type software is the secret to getting support tickets closed quickly. For most successful support teams, however, while the software is important, it’s actually the people tasked with closing the tickets that power the machine.

Make Quick Closure a Habit Early On

The best way to create a habit of striving for quick ticket closure is to train the habit early on. The way good customer agents handle a support ticket can actually leave a positive, long lasting impression on new agents during their training. This sets the bar high from the get-go. As procedures improve, older agents should be retrained to learn new techniques and strategies so they develop better habits and become even better agents.

Shorten the Process

Support can sometimes become too much of a bureaucracy. Having several tiers is not a bad thing, however, having too many tiers lengthens the time it takes to resolve a support ticket. Some companies shorten the support process by making higher tiers more specialized. This way, certain issues can be funneled directly to specific customer service specialists for faster resolution, as opposed to first going through a generalist before finally being passed on to a specialist. This can dramatically shave time off of how quickly a ticket is marked as resolved.

Automate, Automate, Automate

In most organizations, there is, at least, a handful of questions that come up quite frequently. Using software that allows customers to receive automated help based on some of the most commonly asked questions can also cut down on the time it takes for a support ticket to be closed.

Always Look for Ways to Improve

Once a good system is in place, it’s important to not let complacency set in. There are always new technologies and strategies that can be implemented to improve the speed in which support tickets can be addressed. Often times, potential improvements to your system will come from support agents themselves. Keep lines of communication open and always welcome suggestions. Even if there are 25 bad suggestions for a single good one, a clear winner will pay off in spades in the end.

Find Ways to Boost Morale

It’s no secret that motivated people work better and faster. Just keep in mind that boosting morale can come in many different types of formats. Incentives may work for some while recognition is enough for others. Give praise when praise is due. And if giving out “rewards,” keep them low-key so that support reps stay focused on what they are supposed to be doing instead of just trying to get an incentive.

And the TRUE Secret to Quickly Closing Tickets Is…

Asking questions and evaluating the answers.

So, for example, does current agent training incorporate the best practices of top support agents? Do agents understand company metrics and how they relate to fast and successful ticket closure? Is there a way for customers and agents to provide feedback on things they like – and dislike? Constantly asking these types of questions will likely lead to surprising discoveries.

What good customer support practices have you discovered lately?

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Tabitha Naylor

Tabitha Jean Naylor is the Founder of Successful Startup 101, a digital magazine that provides answers to today's most pertinent questions facing startup founders, and the Owner of TabithaNaylor.com. Her intimate knowledge of how sales and marketing go hand-in-hand has resulted in a variety of successful campaigns for start-ups through publicly traded companies, including Adobe and Microsoft. Ms. Naylor holds a dual bachelor degree in Political Science and International Business from West Virginia University, where she graduated magna cum laude.