6 Secret Strategies for Quick Ticket Resolution

Last Updated: August 19, 2021

Some people say that an effective ticketing system is the secret to close support tickets quickly. Some say it’s the people and how efficiently they approach customer issues. Successful customer functions, however, know that faster resolution is a product of every one of these aspects working harmoniously.

1. Make Quick Closure a Habit Early On

The best way to achieve quick ticket closure is to set your team up for it from day one. The way your experienced customer agents and managers handle support tickets can leave a positive, long-lasting impression on new agents during their training. This sets the bar high from the get-go. As procedures evolve and your team scales, experienced agents should be open to adopting better processes and technology. This creates an effective system that leverages the best of both worlds – human expertise and technology.

2. Shorten the Process

Bureaucracy defeats support efficiency. Having too many tiers lengthens the time it takes to resolve a support ticket. Some companies shorten the support process by providing exclusivity to the higher tiers. This way, certain issues can be funneled directly to specific customer service specialists as opposed to first going through a generalist before being passed on to a specialist. This can dramatically shave time off of ticket resolution time.

3. Automate, Automate, Automate

In most organizations, there is, at least, a handful of ticket requests that come up frequently. Creating a self-service knowledge base for some of the most commonly asked questions can also cut down on the time it takes for a support ticket to be closed. With FAQs and redundant tickets out of their way, agents can focus on tickets that genuinely require human expertise.

Adopting ticket automation is the next best way to provide faster resolutions. From creating and assigning tickets to auto-updating statuses, you can reduce ticket management to minutes with workflow automation.

4. Keep Improvising Your Function

Once a good system is in place, it’s important to not let complacency set in. There are always new technologies and strategies that can be implemented to improve the speed at which support tickets can be addressed. Train your agents consistently to improve first contact resolution. Brainstorm how to reduce responses per interaction without rushing closure. Take customer feedback and align your efforts in line with their desired outcomes. Customers can teach you in ways your reports and data analysis can’t.

5. Find Ways to Boost Morale

It’s no secret that motivated people work better and faster. Look out for your customer service reps and solve their day-to-day roadblocks. Recognize their work, announce incentives, and most importantly, make their lives easier by introducing effective self-help and automation tools in your help desk.

And the TRUE Secret for quick ticket resolution is..

6. Seek Feedback and Act on it

So, for example, does current agent training incorporate the best practices of top support agents? Do agents have their work aligned with essential metrics and how they relate to fast and successful ticket closure? Is there a way for customers and agents to provide feedback on things they like – and dislike? Constantly asking these questions and sealing any gaps will not only help your agents work efficiently today but also set a highly-effective support function in the long run.


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