5 Signs You Should Change Your Service Desk

Last Updated: April 23, 2023

In a constantly evolving marketplace, businesses that embrace and adapt to the changes will thrive, whereas those who fail to acknowledge the changes will lag behind. The service desk is an under-invested part of a business infrastructure that most companies don’t consider renovating. One example is how companies overused outdated IT legacy systems before finally moving to a more advanced cloud-based service desk. 

But even now, service desks are the last to see any change or improvement. Watch for these tell-tale signs you should change your service desk or rethink your current service desk right now.

Employees Don’t Like to Use it 

After taking the time to choose and implement a service desk, you may expect better operations. But you could find a rather increase in agent fatigue and underwhelming user adoption rates. This is because most service desks are technology-centric rather than user-centric. The service desk could be filled with overused calls to action and less intuitive designs. Before a service desk’s functionality comes its ease of accessibility. Otherwise using a service desk could become extremely daunting for agents who have to use these systems day in and day out.

The best solution is to prompt self-service adoption. Offer your IT users robust knowledge base articles, chatbots, and a support center to gain autonomy over their issues. Your support requests will organically decrease over time, leaving your agents with more time to handle challenging issues. You can also bring support to Slack with HappyFox Assist AI, thus helping employees to raise support tickets from within Slack.   

The HappyFox Solution

HappyFox’s IT help desk solution is purpose-built for modern and agile IT operations. It is built around the needs of the users with technology that allow intuitive UI, compatibility across other platforms, and easy collaboration. HappyFox also lets you offer AI-powered self-service to your users with Assist AI

It Resists Changes 

You have implemented the service desk a while ago and you’ve evolved so much since. But you find your service desk growing incompatible with any kind of improvisations or upgrades you make to your infrastructure. This is a scenario many businesses can relate to. A less effective IT service desk will be complex to use, take a long time to reflect implementation changes, and pose barriers to any improvisation you make. You may be using an outdated service desk or you have a pricing plan that doesn’t allow you extended features.

For instance, you want to connect Slack with your service desk for increased accessibility but your service desk is not compatible. You want to grow but your service desk can’t accommodate your enterprise-grade needs. 

The HappyFox Solution

HappyFox offers a versatile IT help desk solution that scales with you. It is flexible to use for both small-medium businesses and enterprise businesses, thus saving you the hassle of switching to a new help desk when you grow.

It Complicates, Not Simplifies Support

This is the most common service desk pitfall you may face. All you want a service desk to do is alleviate your support team’s workload and bring order to the process. Your agents find using the service desk an ordeal while your engineering team has to spend enormous time writing complex codes and testing. A service desk shouldn’t be so complicated.

Moreover, the service desk may have too many unnecessary features you may never use. Your agents will end up spending more time learning how the service desk works rather than actually using it.

The HappyFox Solution

Implementing or using a help desk solution should not be an ordeal. HappyFox offers many no-to-minimal code solutions that you can set up within minutes. For more advanced solutions, you can avail curated assistance from HappyFox product experts. You can leverage automation workflows, integration, and reporting benefits to simplify your support operations further.

You Pay More than the Market Average

This is a tell-tale sign you need to change your service desk. You signed up for this service desk for a reason, no doubt about it. But after prolonged usage, you find the recurring costs overbearing. While costs usually add up when you upgrade to a new plan or when your team size grows, some service desk solutions come with undisclosed costs. The implementation costs could be higher too if you have a particularly high-maintenance help desk software. You need to trade your current help desk for a new help desk to stop burning your bottom line.

The HappyFox Solution

HappyFox is a simple, affordable software with pricing plans based on team sizes. With extended feature explanations, HappyFox pricing plans are as transparent and reliable as they come.

You Have More or Less than Necessary

Oftentimes, there will be a host of help desk features you’ll never use but still pay for. Not only are these not worth the massive cost you spend, but they also make the user experience further difficult. Both agents and end-users could become frustrated, leading to reduced adoption over time. 

The HappyFox Solution

HappyFox understands that different businesses have different needs. You can avail the unlimited agent pricing plan, because, why pick and choose when you can have every available feature? 

Build a Service Desk that Delivers

A service desk is not a mere support tool, but an inevitable part of your technology infrastructure. A good service desk brings forth invaluable improvements across the support function. Agents will have an easy time resolving IT issues, employees will get help quicker, and you will be able to achieve all this without burning your bottom line. HappyFox offers an IT help desk solution that is carefully curated to address every problem a typical IT user faces. 

Learn more about our IT help desk solution to shift your help desk to the highest gear. All HappyFox solutions are built with an in-depth understanding of customer support and employee experiences. Take HappyFox for a spin!