Top 10 Slack Apps for Customer Support Teams

Last Updated: March 16, 2021

Slack has become the most favourite office collaboration tool lately. There are many reasons for its increasing popularity, but one of the most important reasons would be the integrations Slack offers! Slack lists innumerable options for integrations across a wide spectrum of use cases. 

While slack is a complete collaboration package, it’s just that! You would need the right tools to make the best out of Slack for your workplace. As we know, Slack offers a ton of apps to choose from, which can be a little overwhelming. So, here are the top 10 Slack apps that are considered the most useful for support teams across the globe.

Top 10 Slack Apps for Customer Support Teams

  1. HappyFox Help Desk
  2. HappyFox Assist AI
  3. Zonka
  4. Zoom
  5. Trello
  6. LaunchDarkly
  7. Tettra Wiki
  8. HappyFox Chat
  9. Zapier
  10. AllyBot

HappyFox Help Desk

Customer support teams generally toggle between their helpdesk and Slack throughout their day. During this, they can miss out on chats, or worse, miss out on tickets. What if they can be on Slack and still use all the features of a helpdesk?

HappyFox Help Desk integration does just that. By integrating the HappyFox help desk, you can create, respond, and modify help desk tickets within Slack. Ticket updates are notified instantly on a Slack channel of your choice. Now, your support team will have a unified tool for help desk and office collaboration. Less context-switching would lead to increased productivity.

HappyFox Assist AI

Assist AI is a conversational ticketing tool for internal support. Say, your employee has an IT query. Today, he would drop an email rather than raising a ticket. What if the employee can just ping the query on Slack and get an instant response from a bot? 

Assist AI uses AI-powered bots to respond to repetitive questions with answers from your internal knowledge base. It also learns continuously and improves its responses from employee interactions and feedback. It can automatically create a ticket and maintain a complete record of all human and bot interactions for every support request. Assist AI would be a great value addition for companies with a huge employee base.


Customer feedback is an essential part of the support journey. Zonka feedback is a robust tool to set up and conduct custom surveys and feedback forms from Slack. Although help desk integrations like HappyFox Help Desk come with an in-app survey, purpose-built feedback apps would help gather more information from your clients. You get real time notifications and custom response alerts within Slack with this integration.


Slack comes with a built-in audio call feature, but most business meetings require more than just an audio call. Since the pandemic, the whole office experience is virtual, and an audio call can’t suffice. Zoom offers effective video conferencing, with excellent screen share options, call recording, and other settings to make the meeting experience as vivid as possible. This simple plug-in to Slack is proving to be essential for workplaces across the world.


Trello is one of the top-rated project management tools of this decade. Most companies use Trello boards to categorise, prioritise, and carry out their tasks. Trello integration with Slack would make your team stay on top of their tasks 24 X 7. Trello board addition and updates can be done within Slack. A designated Trello channel will notify your Trello board’s status constantly, thus eliminating another screen switch. This simple integration can improve your team’s performance considerably.


Support teams deal with requests of various kinds, and feature requests contribute a major chunk of it. LaunchDarkly is a renowned feature management platform that will allow you to view, monitor, and control feature flags directly from your team’s Slack workspace. This will not only save time for your support team but will also act as a bridge between different teams working on the feature and will keep everyone on the same page.

Tettra Wiki

A powerful knowledge base acts as armour to a support agent. Tettra Wiki is a simple, smart, and powerful knowledge management platform. Plugging this with slack will allow you to search, add, and request KB articles from your knowledge base. Like every other integration, it comes with instant notifications of new changes made to the Knowledge base.

HappyFox Chat

HappyFox Chat allows clients and leads to reach out to you instantly. With Slack Integration, you will be able to accept chat requests from your website on Slack -both on your laptop and mobile app. Slack integration of HappyFox chat also offers Chat transfer, Chat history, and many more interesting features as part of the integration.


Zapier is the pioneer and godfather in automation and workflows. Zapier integrates with thousands of apps that will allow you to set up a full fledged workflow or Zap involving multiple apps in just a few minutes. A simple example of a useful zap would be to integrate Google calendar with your Slack. Now, whenever a mention of any event comes across in Slack chat it will automatically book your time in the calendar. 

There are many more automation tools in the market today and HappyFox Workflows is a new workflow product in the market that offers A-Z automated workflows for your helpdesk.


Support teams spend most of their time responding to customer requests. With the above-mentioned integrations like HappyFox Help Desk, the support system gets fit within Slack. Thus making it inevitable for an agent’s Slack responses to be error-free and professional. AllyBot is a spell checker tool for inclusive language. Inclusion is incredibly important in a workplace and AllyBot checks all your chats and gives private suggestions on what can be improved. 

The apps listed above will make life easier and hassle-free for your support agents. Integrating these apps would transform your Slack workspace into your team’s command center. Try a demo of these apps to understand their potential.