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Understanding the Dashboard

There is nothing like the Dashboard when you have to check the pulse of your support process. Metrics and numbers that matter the most are just a quick glance away.

Right at the top is the Ticket Overview section displaying the number of Pending (closed and completed tickets aren’t counted), Assigned and Critical (pending tickets with the priority level as critical) tickets. Just the right amount of data to avoid information overload.

The numbers in display are the total ticket count, but do note that only the number of tickets from the categories you have access to are shown. So, if there are three categories in the help desk and you have access to only two, the total ticket count will be the sum total of those two categories and the numbers from the third category are not taken into account.

Following that is the Ticket Inflow graph that shows the influx of new tickets opened over the past week. Hover over the graph to see the numbers for each day. The graph is plotted at 12 hour intervals.

The Tickets by Status pie chart breaks down the total number of pending tickets. All your statuses that have the pending behaviour are displayed with their respective color codes. Just click on a slice to load the page that lists all tickets that sport that status.

Right next to it is the Tickets by Priority chart and it displays the distribution of pending tickets based on their priority levels. Again, both these charts don’t take into account tickets that are marked completed.

Besides all the numbers and charts, you’re also shown the newly created tickets, recently posted replies and private notes in neatly defined sections of their own. To make it easier for you to consume, five tickets are listed per section.

To reinforce, ticket numbers from the only those categories that you have access to are taken into account across all the sections of the Dashboard. This way, you don’t have to worry about those tickets that you actually don’t have to worry about in the first place!