6 Industry-Specific Reports to Improve Customer Support

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

Reporting is indispensable for every Customer Support Help desk. A well-structured help desk can give you oodles of data that can transform into insights & help optimize the support process.

So, let’s see a few key reports for different industries you can build with HappyFox BI using Help desk data.

1. IT Services

Common optimization challenge for IT teams is to keep up with the response time expectations. Hence, a report providing this info across different departments can be very useful.

IT Services – Response Times per Category

2. E-Commerce

For E-commerce companies, a quintessential metric is to identify issue patterns across products and build long term solutions to mitigate them.

Also, once you focus on a specific Product-Issue combination, trend lines can be used to indicate the increase and reduction in ticket count.

E-commerce: Issue type by Product

3. Educational Institutions

Having a birds-eye view of ticket count by Infrastructure, IT requests & Course feedback across different campuses, is invaluable for educational institutions.

Educational Institutions: Count of Tickets Across Campuses per Category

4. Internet & Telecommunication Service Providers

Strict SLAs and response time benchmark are crucial metrics for fast-paced ISP customer support. Hence, keeping a tab on SLA breaches pivoted by issue types gives context on areas where your team needs to crank-up their skills and monitor closely.

Internet Service Providers: SLA breach by Issue Types

5. Facility Management

Over time, facility teams strive to come out of the fire-fighting mode and take proactive maintenance measures to reduce issues. So firstly, The trend line below can show whether these pre-emptive activities are paying off.

Additionally, you can also drill down further by a specific request type.

Facility Management: Preventive vs Reactive Work Orders

6. Airline

Knowing CSAT score across regions illuminates the right areas to focus, in a competitive market like Airlines.

Airline: CSAT% by Regions

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