HappyFox 2020 Feature Roundup: A Year in Review

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

2020 has been a testing year. Though we have lots of reasons to be happy to see it end, we should also be proud of our determination during these tough times.

It was a challenging time for us at HappyFox to quickly adapt our product strategy to empower organizations to support customers remotely. We believe we were successful in rising to this occasion, and we did so with the help and support of our customers around the world. 

Before we bid adieu to 2020, we want to take a moment to highlight some of our most noteworthy features and products we built this year.

TLDR; Watch our 2020 Feature Recap Webinar which briefs on all the feature updates that were rolled out this year.

Our Focus Areas in 2020

  1. Enhanced Self-Service Experience for Contacts.
  2. Improved Remote Collaboration Among Multiple Teams.
  3. Modular Help Desk Reporting.
  4. Improved Help Desk Admin Experience.

Enhanced Self-Service Experience for Contacts

We started off the year 2020 with an emphasis on improving the self-service experience for your customers. Some of the features and improvements we delivered include:

Support Center v2.0

We revamped the support center module to make it more intuitive for your contacts to help themselves. Support Center v2.0 comes with a no-code page builder, mobile responsive layout, and advanced SEO capabilities.

Contact Portal v2.0

We did a major overhaul of the contact portal module to make it easy for your customers to track and manage their tickets. Contact Portal v2.0 packs nifty features like the ability for contacts to close tickets, a new compact ticket list view for contacts, and more.

Enhancements to Knowledge Base

We introduced a brand new visibility mode for articles – “Contact Group”. You can now selectively share knowledge base articles with members of a contact group. The contact group members would need to log in to their support center to access these articles.

Improved Remote Collaboration for all Teams

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we understood the need to build features that would improve the collaboration experience among multiple teams for lightning-fast customer support. We built whole new integrations within HappyFox with additional key enhancements..

Microsoft Teams Integration

With Microsoft Teams integration, we wanted to help support teams collaborate with subject matter experts in a platform that fosters collaboration. Agents can keep an eye on the latest ticketing activities through configurable notifications that pop up inside Teams channels.

Admins could also automate notifications based on conditions and never miss new tickets that require resolution. End-users can search for knowledge base articles or create tickets directly within Teams.

Slack Integration

We shipped a bunch of new enhancements to the already popular HappyFox – Slack integration. These include the ability to invoke the new ticket form via Slack Shortcuts, Custom Field support for new ticket forms, the option to group notifications for the same ticket in a single thread, and more.

PagerDuty Integration

With PagerDuty integration, we wanted to ensure that any critical information about customer-impacting issues is exchanged instantly among support and incident teams. Support agents can quickly create incidents for incoming support tickets and track incident timeline without leaving HappyFox.

Asana Integration

We built the Asana integration to enable seamless collaboration among support and project teams. By integrating Asana with HappyFox, agents can create new Asana tasks, track task progress, and synchronize updates between the two platforms.

Wrike Integration

Using the Wrike integration, you can connect your customer support team to your product, engineering, sales, or professional service teams and share valuable customer feedback with your entire company. Instantly transform HappyFox tickets into project tasks, keep track of task progress from HappyFox, notify team members on advances or delays, and update your customers.

Azure DevOps Integration

With HappyFox Help Desk and Azure DevOps integration, your support and development teams will always be on the same page whenever a bug or issue arises. Easily identify and link HappyFox tickets to work items in Azure Boards so that key information is shared across development teams and collaboration is effortless.

Azure Active Directory Sync Integration

We added an all-new integration category to our portfolio – SSO Sync. With Azure Active Directory Contact Sync, you can synchronize HappyFox contacts and Azure users. Besides syncing contacts, you can also map HappyFox contact fields with Azure user fields and ensure consistency.

Advanced Help Desk Reports

In addition to the existing real-time reports, we’ve added 10 new reports this year. These reports can help you monitor, refine, and improve your customer engagement strategy.

  • Distribution Report: View the real-time distribution of tickets across Status, Priority, Category, and Assignee.
  • Performance Report: View high-level performance numbers and drill-down by agents and categories.
  • Satisfaction Survey Report: Monitor and Improve your CSAT Score.
  • SLA Report: Measure Your Service Level Agreements (SLAs) performance and benchmark them.
  • Contact Reports: Track key metrics like open tickets and SLA breaches for every contact.
  • Contact Group Report: Aggregate key metrics like open tickets and SLA breaches for every contact group.
  • Time Spent Report: Garner insights from the time spent by agents across tickets.
  • Asset Report: Monitor the usage of assets in tickets.
  • Canned Actions Report: Quantify the usage of canned actions in your tickets.
  • Report Export: Take a backup of your help desk data to the spreadsheet format of your choice.

Better Maintenance and Governance for Admins

Our teams did extensive research with the data collected throughout the year from our customers. Based on the feedback, we delivered new features that would help in the overall maintenance of HappyFox from an admin perspective.

Audit Logs

With Audit Logs, you can keep track of Help Desk changes in real-time. The Audit Log feature in HappyFox helps you learn about:

  • What the change was?
  • Which module was the change made in?
  • Who made this change?
  • When it was made?
  • Where it was made (IP address)?

With HappyFox, audit logs can be maintained indefinitely. This can be extremely useful in historical reporting and solving problems in the future.

Automatically Redact or Delete Customer Data

This feature lets organizations configure rules that will automatically delete or redact customer data from HappyFox for enhanced data privacy.

Revamped Help Desk Mobile app

2020 was also the milestone year where we successfully completed the v2.0 version of HappyFox Help Desk on mobile platforms. We added new capabilities to our iOS and Android apps last year.

All-New Billing Module 

We improved the in-app billing module to make it easier to manage subscriptions or update payments. We also introduced innovative Unlimited agents pricing plans to cater to our growing customer base of enterprise organizations.

Meet the New HappyFox Products We Built in 2020 

Besides enhancing our flagship Help Desk product, we built and shipped several new products in 2020 to propel your customer service experience to even greater heights.

HappyFox ChatBot

HappyFox Chatbot is an AI-powered bot solution designed for modern businesses. It helps in deflecting tickets and reducing support volume. It provides a conversational interface for your customers to self-serve themselves 24×7.

HappyFox ChatBot can be integrated with HappyFox Help Desk and Zendesk Support.

HappyFox Workflows

HappyFox Workflows is an enterprise automation solution that helps organizations automate mundane tasks and improve productivity. HappyFox Workflows shines brilliantly in a cross-platform automation scenario typically present in modern companies. 

HappyFox Workflows can be integrated with HappyFox Help Desk, Zendesk Support, Salesforce, Jira, and Shopify.

HappyFox BI

HappyFox Business Intelligence (BI) is a powerful dashboard & reporting software with advanced visualization capabilities. HappyFox BI helps organizations derive meaningful insights from their data. 

HappyFox BI can be integrated with HappyFox Help Desk, Salesforce, Aircall, and Wrike.

What’s next in 2021?

We accomplished some key milestones in 2020, and are moving into 2021 with a continued focus on introducing new features and integrations that will enhance the overall customer service experience both for your agents and contacts. Your constant feedback and support have fuelled our growth and we are poised to stay committed to your needs. 

Use our in-app product roadmap feature to vote for your favorite upcoming features and help shape HappyFox to meet your desired outcomes. Also, keep an eye out for our feature announcements on our changelog.

Happy New Year 2021!