Announcing HappyFox Assist AI for Slack

Last Updated: February 3, 2021

Automate your Internal Support with AI & Conversational Ticketing

Did you know that over 60% of IT support requests are repetitive? Without the adoption of self-service, IT support agents take an average of 2.5 days to resolve a ticket. The need for faster and more efficient ticket resolution has never been greater.

The pandemic has made most of us work from home. Organizations large and small are starting to actively use Slack and Microsoft Teams. To put it simply, Slack and Teams are where the work really happens. If so, then why is internal support still based on email? 

To boost agent productivity and employee engagement, organizations must look for tools that harness AI to deflect repetitive requests and directly provide IT and HR support in Slack and Teams.

Meet HappyFox Assist AI for Slack

HappyFox Assist AI is an AI-powered self-service and Conversational Ticketing solution available for Slack. By encouraging a self-service culture in your organization with Assist AI, you can reduce ticket volume, increase agent productivity, and improve employee engagement.

AI-powered IT Support in Slack 

Assist AI learns from your internal knowledge base and can respond to messages on Slack automatically. Free up your IT and HR support teams to focus on high-value tasks. Increased ticket deflection leads to lesser operational costs and improved agent productivity. 

HappyFox Assist AI can automatically answer commonly asked IT and HR questions with answers from your internal knowledge base.

With the entire organization available inside Slack, it is tempting for any employee to message a support agent directly. This leads to a chaos of untracked support requests. With Assist AI, turning a message into a ticket is as simple as adding an emoji 🎫. 

HappyFox Assist AI allows anyone to create a ticket by just adding an emoji.

Assist AI connects with your internal help desk and creates a ticket for every employee interaction, ensuring process compliance and reporting. Assist AI connects with HappyFox Help Desk and Knowledge base, Confluence, Zendesk Support, and Freshservice, with more integrations coming soon.

HappyFox Assist AI connects to the ticketing system and intenral knowledge base.

Assist AI is designed to bring out the best in IT support and operations teams. Instead of switching to email or a self-service portal, your employees can now stay right on Slack and get their queries resolved instantly. Lesser context-switching helps to improve agent productivity and CSAT score.

Employees can give feedback on the quality of Assist AI’s answers, allowing the AI-model to learn continuously and improve its accuracy.

Bring AI to your IT Support in 5 minutes!

When all successful organizations are jumping on the Digital transformation train, not adopting AI to streamline your IT management processes can slow down your business’s growth. Assist AI is here to help you bring AI to your IT support process at record speeds!

HappyFox Assist AI for Slack is available today, and support for Microsoft Teams will be added soon. Book a demo with our product specialists to see how AI can transform your IT support.