5 Remote Work Challenges and How to Overcome Them With Help Desk – Slack Integration

Last Updated: October 22, 2021

From project collaboration to team huddles to day-to-day messaging, Slack is where work happens nowadays. Slack effectively brings people, applications, and data together, making it easier for employees to communicate and gain easy access to the applications they use through integrations with Slack. It is important to build employee support processes around a tool that brings everyone building, marketing, and selling your products together in one place. Dive into the five most common remote work challenges you can combat by integrating your help desk with Slack.

#Challenge 1: Switching Between Applications to Provide Support 

Switching between applications to provide or ask for technical support is an inefficient use of time. Slack has thousands of applications and integrations in active use, helping you access a wide range of activities at your fingertips. When you integrate your help desk with Slack, your teams can create, track, and modify any ticket properties without leaving the Slack application. You can create dedicated channels with different departments so you can route the ticket automatically to the right agent. Similarly, the end-users don’t have to switch to an external interface or emails to know the ticket progress.

#Challenge 2: Providing Self-service at Scale

Password resets alone constitute 41% of the tickets you get. Most of the internal tickets can be solved in one touch, or even better, with self-service. The challenge is to provide IT self-service at scale. The best way to nudge users towards knowledge base articles and self-service bots every time they have a simple question is by bringing these resources to Slack and giving them easy accessibility. Your employees can use slash commands like /happyfox search_kb [keyword] to search and access the knowledge base in their Slack inboxes. You can also use a deflection mechanism like Assist AI, a conversational ticketing solution, to suggest answers for repetitive questions and deflect potential tickets on Slack. Employees no longer need to glue themselves to their laptops. They can conveniently access self-service articles on their mobile devices. 

#Challenge 3: Differentiating Support Messages From General Messages

Be it general messages to official announcements, employees exchange hundreds of Slack messages every day. Support messages can easily fall through the cracks, and combing through all the threads to find these messages can be an impossible task. With help desk-Slack configuration, users can convert a text into a ticket with a few clicks. As opposed to the traditional email, remote IT support would now be just a text away.  

#Challenge 4: Tracking Support Messages in Real-time 

Another massive benefit of connecting your help desk with Slack is that you get instantly notified of any ticket event such as new ticket creation, status update, SLA breach, and ticket closure. Support technicians can stay on top of tickets and even use Smart Rules to set up complex rule-based conditions for ticket notifications. 

#Challenge 5: Managing Compliance When Providing Support on Slack

Accountability is the biggest advantage of a help desk. Every step of the ticket lifecycle is recorded and maintained for future reference, eliminating any discrepancy in the support process. Every support team tends to have certain guidelines to ensure process compliance. Providing employee support on Slack is quick and efficient, but also unofficial and lacks accountability. By integrating your help desk with Slack, you can maintain audit logs of all your troubleshooting efforts and ensure process compliance easily because the messages are converted and tracked as tickets. IT service providers today are connecting remote support solutions and communication tools to provide the best tech support whether you are working from the office or on a remote desktop from the other side of the world.

Get the Best of Both Help Desk and Slack

Slack is rapidly becoming the go-to communication tool for many companies around the world. It is crucial to bring IT support services to your communication tool for instant cross-platform collaboration and ease of accessibility. HappyFox Help Desk is an omnichannel, versatile help desk that allows integration with Slack and Microsoft Teams for better remote support experience and productivity, especially in a work-from-home environment. Sign up for a demo to learn more!