Edit or Reopen Closed Tickets

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

A good help-desk system should allow its users to organize tickets in a manner that suits their requirements.

For every minute spent organising, an hour is earned 
– Benjamin Franklin

Being better organised is an ongoing and constantly evolving process and helpdesk teams are no exceptions. A great source of input for a helpdesk team in its journey of self-improvement is to retrospectively revisit closed tickets and customer cases.

Why revisit closed tickets?

Historical ticket records and cases are a treasure trove of information. They can highlight all the positives and negatives of an organisation’s service workflow. Analysts can identify patterns in incoming tickets, gain insights into why certain cases took longer for resolution, broadly understand the recurrent areas of concern and so much more. Using this information, you can make appropriate organisational changes to ensure that your agents efficiently address customer queries and grievances.

More often than not, this process requires modifications to the existing closed ticket records for internal auditing and reporting purposes. These changes may involve

  • adding tags that are used during reporting
  • editing private custom fields
  • moving tickets to a new terminal status etc.

It is also very much possible that some of the existing information in the closed ticket may need to be updated. For e.g, invalid and incorrect tags may have to be corrected, tickets corresponding to products that have reached End of Life (EOL) may have to be identified and so on.

What is HappyFox’s stance?

At HappyFox, we understand the need to be able to operate upon closed tickets. That is precisely why we do not impose any restrictions on being able to edit/modify closed tickets. As simple as that. Since statuses are customisable in HappyFox, it is possible to have multiple terminal statuses similar to “CLOSED”. Irrespective of the completed statuses that you have created for your organisation, HappyFox allows you to modify their corresponding tickets. It even goes one step further and allows you to grant the permission to edit closed tickets to a specific set of users.

In other words, YOU get to decide your workflow, and our job is to help you serve your customers better.


Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 3.21.33 PM

Edit or Reopen closed tickets

In HappyFox, the following operations are valid on a closed ticket

  • Reopen a closed ticket if a customer replies within a particular timeframe(configurable) or choose to create a new ticket instead.
  • Add private notes to closed tickets.
  • Modify ticket properties.
  • Add new tags or remove old tags on closed tickets.

In other words, pretty much anything that you can do on a regular ticket 🙂