HappyFox + Chargify: Seamless & Efficient Recurring Billing Support

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

Does your SaaS company or subscription-based business use Chargify to manage its recurring billing? Does your support team often face difficulties in finding out about a customer’s subscriptions? Have you ever wondered how efficient your billing support can become if only you could fetch the customer’s subscription details against their queries? If your answers to all these questions is a “YES”, then HappyFox + Chargify integration is a perfect fit for you.

Multi-Channel Support Tool for your Subscription Business

HappyFox excels in providing seamless multi-channel support to your customers. By integrating with Chargify, it becomes an ideal support tool for your subscription business. HappyFox has an excellent user-interface that removes all the clutter and brings the essential information to the forefront. With this integration, all your customer’s subscriptions along with their statuses are shown in the nifty integration pane on the ticket-detail page. The integration shows the following details for a customer from Chargify

  • List of all subscriptions along with their statuses
  • Total revenue from a subscription
  • Product Price for a subscription
  • Pending balance

Your agents can reference this information when replying to billing queries from customers.

Billing details on HappyFox ticket detail page

Subscription details from Chargify on HappyFox ticket detail page

Improve your First Response to Customers

Besides showing subscription details on tickets raised by customers, the integration also displays this information to your agents as they raise new tickets. But wait! What if the customer has never interacted with your support team before? Fret not, we’ve got it covered. Even for customers who have never raised a support query before, the integration pulls their subscription details from Chargify on the HappyFox new-ticket form.

Billing details on HappyFox new ticket form

Subscription details of customer shown while creating a new ticket

If your agents need additional information about the customer’s subscriptions, a handy pop-out link that redirects to Chargify subscription details page is available as well. The integration greatly improves your first response time by eliminating the need to externally reach out to your billing team for customer inquiries. So, timely responses = happy customers!