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Event Spotlight: Web Accessibility London 2012 (a11yLDN)

The World Wide Web is one of the last frontiers that’s open to every living soul in the true sense of the word. It’s time we made Internet easier for people with disabilities as well and give them the keys to unlimited knowledge. To steer things in that direction, the Web Accessibility London 2012 mini-conference (a11yLDN) is organized at London on 19th September 2012.

It’s a one day event with a deaf and hard-of-hearing theme, but the unconference will also focus on the accessibility issues of the wider disability population. In addition to presentations and discussions, Workshops will be also offered to give attendees the opportunity to try out existing, new and emerging assistive technology. Registration is still open and grab your tickets before they are sold out.

The HappyFox team is delighted to support the good folks organizing the event and we wish them our best!

To learn more about the event, visit the official web page or follow them on Twitter.